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Porter's birthday - June 1, 2024

Hello Traveler! Fancy seeing you here again! Today you find me at the Cafe working on my latest article for the Subliminal Tribune- but then again, when aren't I in here?!

My fellow reporter and wonderful friend, Arial, is also here with me! You've met her right? She's wonderful! We are working to proofread our writing before we submit it to our editors. Oh yeah! It's my birthday!

Today I turn 31 but I don't feel like it? I definitely still feel like I'm in my twenties. The dream world slowed my aging down and wow do I feel great for 31! I guess that calls for a little celebration...

You can join us along and help out with our writing! You can also get a slice of this cake here that Arial brought along, but only if you join us. Thanks for stopping by to wish my a happy birthday! Now let's get down to business.... Trust me, writing can be cool!  - Porter

Epsilon's birthday - May 10, 2024

Hello again Traveler. It feels as if it was just yesterday that we were travelling worlds on that little adventure we had together. Today is another adventure, in a way. For me, at least.

Today is my birthday and this year, Dylan and Almoral teamed up to have my birthday party take place at the Parlor. It's pretty wet out there, but it's quite cozy in here. We ordered pepperoni pizza, unless you have an eye for another option?

My birthday in recent years have been spent with Dylan and Almoral. Of course, we are the "Three Amigos" gang so we naturally stick together. It's always an adventure with these two, but it's like Dylan says- what's life without a little adventure?

Ah, I see Almoral has brought our pizza. The dessert will probably be later, so I hope I don't get too full from eating pizza. Thank you for coming to partake in my pizza birthday party. Would you care for a slice?  - Epsilon

Dylan's birthday - April 1, 2024

Heyooo again Traveler! Can you believe it's my birthday yet again?! April Fools and my birthday...a double holiday!

Since you know me pretty well, you should know that I'm a silly guy all the time, but surprisingly...not today? Weird, huh! With all due respect to all the silly guys and goofy goobers out there, I know it's the silliest holiday of the year, but I'm not looking to be too silly today.

Epsilon said he wanted to take me out on a date today! He wants to take me out on a stroll and spend the date having a nice picnic at a Japanese park. After all, it is spring and the cherry blossoms are blooming! It really does remind me of the early days when him and I met. So with that in mind, I'm keeping my silliness levels contained a bit today!

You're welcome to tag along with'll likely be third-wheeling. Hehe, sorry about that! I'll make it up to you and we can hang out and have fun soon! How does...going to the Ballpit dimension sound like? Trust me, we'll have a blast! I'll be back to being a full time goofball by tomorrow!  - Dylan

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