Vivienne Bleuclair

Date of Birth: January 20

Pronouns: she/her

Species: Ice fairy

Affiliation: Dimension Protection Force (Chief of the DFCU)

Background: French

Eye color: Light blue

Height: 5'9 (175 cm)

Identity: Bisexual

An ice fairy who works as the chief for the DPF's Dimension Forensic Crime Unit since 1973. She is in charge of the unit that deals with investigating crime scenes, analyzing forensic evidence, and keeping records of biometrics. Vivienne is the most extroverted and vocal chief of the DPF's 'Big Six.' No amount of work is too much for her and she handles pressure quite well, even with all the paperwork she does. In her line of work, she's seen some very tough crime scenes, yet she is seemingly desensitized by all of it. Off-duty, she enjoys hanging out at the local bars and restaurants, and enjoys the company and presence of others. She seems to enjoy the spotlight of being one of the 'Big Six' chiefs, but she often reminds the public that she is another resident just as they are.

More about Vivienne:

About the DPF:

Ah, the Dimension Protection Force! The biggest organization in the entire dream world- and for good reason too! In this place, you will never feel like you are alone! You will always feel like you are contributing to the dream world no matter how big or small the tasks you receive are. I wouldn't trade another other workplace for this one! I've been working here for the last three hundred years and have been treated very well! If you're ever looking for a connection to get you a job here, I am here to help!

About the DFCU:

I will be honest...the DFCU sees a lot of different kinds of crime scenes. It takes a lot of courage and patience to be in this branch of the DPF. It is definitely not for the faint hearted! I am not bothered by any of the work I get or scenes I witness, but I do remind my investigators to always go easy on themselves. More experienced agents get the 'harder' crime scenes while newer agents get the 'light' crime scenes. I always get surprised to see agents into these types of things. Who am I to judge?

About the Council:

In order to become chief of any branch in the DPF, you must get confirmed by the Council of the dream world! They are a very mysterious but firm organization that has lasted for several millennia. I think the public puts a lot of faith into their decisions and remind themselves that while the DPF protects them, the Council reassures that protection. They are not a bad organization, at least, in my eyes.

About the "Big Six":

Hahaha! This is a cute little nickname that the wonderful people of the dream world gave us! It's always funny to walk down the street and get lots of attention from people saying 'Hey! It's chief Vivienne!' and I smile and wave. I might even stop and take photos and chit-chat with people! Still, I don't let this get to my head. After all, I am merely a dream worldian resident just as they are. It's still nice to know people like you!

About her favorite food:

I very much enjoy soup, but specifically, french onion soup! You add in some beef, cheese and toasted bread, and it is quite the dish! It goes quite well with some red wine. There's a restaurant in the Île-de-France neighborhood that serves some great French dishes, including french onion soup. I go there all the time!

About her necklace:

This necklace of mine is what gives me my powers as an ice fairy! I always have to wear it around my neck- especially when I am on duty! I don't know what I would do if my necklace ever went missing... It's passed down! I couldn't afford to lose it!

About Lucid:

I remember Lucid when he was working in the DIA. Everyone was always saying how great of a detective he was! Lucid has contributed a lot to the DPF in general, but to the dream world too. It's still a shame he got caught illegally visiting the real world behind everyone's back. I should add on that it's impressive he's managed to stay hidden for this long! I wonder how he gets away with that.

About Francis:

A human in the dream world seeking to destroy us all? Oh non non non, how can this be? Francis has caused a lot of problems since he started acting up recently. Just like Lucid, he always seems to get away from us! Luckily, we got his DNA samples and added him into our database. We've been warned about him, but how far can one human go? Without power, he can't get far, right?

About Finnegan:

Mon bon ami Finnegan! He is a wonderful person to have as leader of the rescue operations team. Finnegan is someone who brings his best to each 'Big Six' meeting, but remember: he is smart underneath that persona! Cool and laid-back, but he always has a trick or two up his sleeve to help us out! Even so, his wonderful persona hides sadness. Behind that mask is a hurt man. I hope he knows we all appreciate him and his hard work.

About Ophelia:

Madame Ophelia is the newest chief in our little squad! It seemed she was taken by surprised when Demi- the previous chief of the DDCP- had nominated her for the post upon her retirement. She had a very honest and straight forward confirmation hearing and now she is one of us! She is definitely not someone to mess around with and says it like it is. At meetings, she is honest and objective, but she adapted quite well as chief. I can't wait to see what her tenure holds!

About Matías:

Sometimes I think about all the paperwork I have to deal with, but then I remember about Monsieur Matías. Out of the 'Big Six' branches, the DPU is the one with the most agents, so I suppose it makes sense that chief Matías has a LOT of paperwork to deal with. He can become stressed, but I tend to remind him to take breaks! He can be stubborn taking this advice, but I can just send monsieur Tsukanai to knock some sense into him. Matías is still kind even after all the work, but seriously, look after yourself!

About Kamaria:

Madmoiselle Kamaria may seem like the introverted quiet type, but she knows more than meets the eye. I always see her taking notes at meetings and taking into account every little thing about a person's behavior. She is very observational and that makes her work quite well as chief of the IAA! Though...the rumors about her make me curious as well. Does she really know some interesting top secret information about important figures in the dream world? And if true, how much does she know? As long as it's not stuff about me...although I have nothing to hide!

About Daiki:

Oh that monsieur Tsukanai! I don't know what it is, but he just doesn't like to socialize outside of work! It's as if he decides to turn off the world on his off days and spend it at home by himself. I've asked him to hang out, but it is always politely declined. No matter! He is still smart and well educated. He's the oldest of the 'Big Six' in terms of both age and tenure as a chief! Someone his age knows a lot and his wisdom and input at meetings is put into consideration a lot. Finn and I like to joke that he won't hang out with any of us, except Matías on SOME occasions. I guess we aren't special enough, hehe.

About Director Ferekides:

Director Ferekides is quite the wonderful boss and man! If you didn't know already, he is one of the big figures who ended the grand conflict the dream world was facing in its very early baby days. At one point, he was asked to become a member of the Council, but he declined stating that the DPF was his true calling. Director Ferekides appreciates the hard work every agent puts in and sees everyone in it as part of his family. With such a position comes great power and responsibility, and he knows how to conserve it well! I only believe his greatest conflict as Director came when Lucid was put on trial. There was some conflict with the Council, but alas, he complied with their orders 'against his own will' so they've said. C'est la vie...


Skin color (left): #b797a2

Eye color (right): #5ca2c3