Date of Birth: December 12

Pronouns: he/him

Species: Cow hybrid

Affiliation: Dimension Protection Force (ROTU)

Background: Cuban

Eye color: Dark orange

Height: 6'3 (190 cm)

Identity: Transgender (FTM), Bisexual

The head instructor for the Recruit unit of the DPF's Rescue Operations Team. A single father of one, he is committed to his job and is considered second only behind Finnegan in terms of skills at the ROTU. His attitude can come off as rude and he often prefers to be left alone. He is seen as Finnegan's right-hand man as he is always trying to make sure that Finnegan is up to date. He enjoys leafy foods, working out, and taking care of his son. Though, he also hides a tragic past behind his aviator glasses, which he never takes off.

More about Eliazar:

About the DPF:

I started working in the DPF almost a hundred years ago, so you can say my time there is either long or short- depending on how you view time. It's a great place to work as there's a lot of places to choose to work at. Whether you're interested in solving crimes, patroling the streets, tracking diseases, or more, the DPF has a place for you.

About the ROTU:

When I signed up for the DPF, I wanted to go work in the rescue operations team. The ROTU is compromised of four different units: Fire, Medical, Disaster, and Recruit. For over 80 years, I worked in the Fire unit as I found more passion in going out to put out fires and rescue people from those fires. It was until around 15 years ago when Finn put me as the Head Instructor for the Recruit unit. It's alright, but being in this position means I can't get dispatched in emergencies like the other unit chiefs can. I've settled in this place and don't think I'll be leaving anytime soon.

About the Council:

There's been a lot of stories about the Council- some of which are true and some which are false. Most of the information that I know about the Council has been from Nate. There's been a rumor that the Council had some, ahem, "beef" with Lucid prior to his trial. I'm not sure what that was all about, but they are definitely not to be messed with. Hmph, not like I want to get in their business.

About his hobbies:

If I'm not at work, I'm either at the DPF's gym working out, exercising at home, or taking care of my son- Benji. I don't really like hanging out with other people outside of work, unless you're my sister or mother. Huh? Finn? What about him? There's been times I am with him outside of work, but I wouldn't say we're 'hanging out' per se. Don't ask me questions about Finn. I don't know what to say.

About his favorite foods:

Being part-bovine, a lot of my meals consist of vegetables, fruits, potatoes, corn, and other non-meat related dishes. In no way do I eat anything with beef in it. I will eat some dishes with fish or chicken, but it's not really up my alley.

About his sunglasses:

I'm aware I'm always wearing these aviator sunglasses despite the dream world being mostly dark. I don't take these sunglasses off in public for any reason. I'm not going to say why. It's just best you didn't have to know.

About Finnegan I:

Why do you wanna know more about Finn from me? Is Finn that interesting? ... Finn is my boss. He's the leader of the rescue team. My story with Finn goes back when I applied for the ROTU. He also applied on the same day and we were in the same bunch of recruits that were looking to join the team. The two of us were the top two of our class, but Finn...he was always one step ahead of me. Finn always finished first and I always came in second. Sure, we might've been the best of our class, but I just couldn't stand Finn being first. At one point we were put into partners, and of course they made Finn my partner. Well, he's quite chatty, always smiling, and always laughing about something. It's...a lot. I always have to make sure he's on time with paperwork. I stay after hours every Friday to make sure he finishes all of the paperwork because I know he'll slack. I'm always helping him out around the place. I don't have to, but if he wants to keep his post, he needs to be organized and ready. I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have me around.

About Finnegan II:

It was in the early 1980s when I was facing charges to go to prison for certain reasons. However, some strings were pulled and ultimately, I was cleared of my charges. I originally thought leader Khyro at the time was the one who made this happen, but he tells me that Finn actually insisted a lot to get Khyro to help out. He told me that Finn would beg him to do something and that just...why? Why would Finn want to help me out? I was told that Finn said someone like me couldn't go to prison, especially with a kid who was still a baby. I never would have thought that Finn would do this for me. That experience changed something in me regarding Finn. It's the fact no one else was advocating for me, except him. I...I owe him a lot for that. Finn says to not worry about it, but I do. I just... don't know how I could ever repay him. It kind of haunts me. I have to repay Finn back someday for that. I could've been in prison and not see my son grow up, but he helped me. Look, don't tell him I told you, but I think he's...pretty great. He might be the most annoying person I know, but he has a kind soul. Hmph. For someone who's been through a lot more than me, he sure does know how to hide his pain with his smile...

About Nate:

When Finn said he had met a new friend, I wasn't expecting it to be Nate. Nate works in the DPF with us, but he was a patrol officer in the DPU at the time. They had met in the DPF's employee cafeteria and I was eventually introduced to him. Nate's a very kind person. Eventually down the line, Nate would babysit my son Benji whenever I would get out of work late and my mother couldn't find the time to look after him. I also have private talks with Nate about personal matters and such. Nate's someone you can count on for a lot. You'd be lucky to have him as a friend.

About Almoral:

I used to hear stories about a strange necromancer who had supposedly been in contact with Lucid in the past at some point, but I didn't think it was Almoral. I had met him in one mission into the Box dimension awhile back, and he seems like a nice guy. Frankly, I didn't see anything strange with him. Apparently Finn is good friends with Almoral? I'm not really sure how they met or what the connection is, but if Finn is friends with someone like him, then I guess he's safe. Not sure if I'd visit his mansion, though. Seems...too dark.

About Lucid:

I don't know Lucid personally, but I have heard a lot about him. While talking about Lucid is kind of shunned in the dream world for what he did, Nate really likes to tell stories of who Lucid is and everything he did. Lucid seems like a pretty powerful and smart guy. Nate says that Lucid is very sweet and patient, and holds almost no hate in his heart. When Lucid's trial happened, it made headlines for days. I think the trial was unfair to him, but I've heard he's back in the dream world. I kind of hope to meet him someday. He helped bring a lot of progress to the dream world. It'd be cool to be friends with him.

About Francis:

That human... Francis, is it? I first encountered him in the Box dimension and then again in the Quartier FantĂ´me. I don't think people realize that Francis has the smarts to outsmart us and the power to do crazy things. All of his plans have failed for the most part, but it's only a matter of time before one of them doesn't. I really just hope the DPF catches him soon. Who knows what he's really capable of? It's scary to think one human can disrupt dream world society so easily.


Skin color (left): #764831

Eye color (right): #cc3e10