Date of Birth: September 18

Pronouns: she/her

Species: Elf

Affiliation: Dimension Protection Force (Chief of the IAA)

Background: Persian

Eye color: Violet

Height: 5'2 (157 cm)

Identity: Pansexual

An elf who works as the chief for the DPF's Intelligence Affairs Agency since 1942. She is in charge of assigning and overseeing various top-secret intelligence related matters in the dream world. Kamaria is described as quiet, but she is also the most reliable of the "Big Six" as she oftens comes to the table with good ideas and input. Kamaria used to study at the Academy of the dream world and earned a good reputation among her peers. She is well respected, but sometimes a bit feared. It is said that she holds top secret information of various dream world residents, most notably, prominent figures outside of the DPF- but this is just a rumor.

More about Kamaria:

About the DPF:

The Dimension Protection Force has been around longer than most people I know, excluding the Director, of course. We aim to provide the dream world as its first line of defense from anything and everything. Whether it's patrolling the streets, investigating crimes, rescuing people from emergencies, tracking down intelligence, and more...we have a place for just about everyone. Even I am not fully aware of just how many people work in the DPF, but the number is very large. You ever need a job here, you can count on me.

About the IAA:

The Intelligence Affairs Agency deals with obtaining and handling classified intelligence, that is to say, top secret materials. We obtain our intelligence through a variety of ways and methods. Undercover intelligence officers- or if you want to call them 'spies'- are sent out to obtain information once we believe someone or several individuals are harboring something very important or capable of causing disruptions or harm in the dream world. Of course, we cannot arrest without evidence, so it is important to obtain intel first and work with that. 

About the Council:

The Council oversees everyone in the dream world, essentially. They have existed since the dream world entered its 'post-conflict' era. They bring order to the dream world with all of the laws and rules they craft and entrust the DPF to enforce said rules. You may never get to see them in person, but for those who do, it may not end well...unless you're a human who wants to go home, then that goes fine, I think.

About the Big Six:

I think it is endearing that the public places a lot of trust in us by giving us a nickname. As the six most important branches in the agency, it is our duty to ensure the public that they are in good hands and safe from any threat. Among us six, we get along quite well. I'm sure the public is happy to see us work together as a family really.

About her favorite meal:

I enjoy eating shirazi salads and often bring some to work as my lunch. Albeit, my salads include lettuce unlike the traditional kind. I highly recommend it.

About her necklace:

This necklace is a charm used to help with my own powers. The power of the charm itself depends on the phase of the moon in the dimension I am in. It works alongside my staff.

About Lucid:

Lucid's fall from grace is something that I think should be studied, but considering the prohibition emplaced on any discussion about Lucid in specific settings, I don't think that's happening anytime soon. It's true that Lucid was quite intelligent and rumored to hold a lot of power and secrets about the universe itself. I supposed he was feared, but I don't think he had anything to be feared about. It is a real disappointment to have seen such a trial happen to someone like him. As for now, he remains on the loose. Time will tell what will happen to him.

About Nate:

Director Ferekides called me into his office recently and told me that he was going to personally reassign an agent from the DIA to my branch. The Director gave me a summary and history of the work Nate has accomplished during his time at the DPF and it is rather impressive. He used to work as Lucid's partner when they were both detectives. I'm aware Nate was a grand help in figuring out some pretty tricky cases. If the Director thinks Nate will be a good addition to the IAA, then I trust his decision.

About Francis:

Francis is a real mystery to me. The intelligence we have on him is scarce, but recent missions have helped to gather bits and pieces of his intentions and motives. It's quite impressive that a single human can cause so much disruption in the dream world. I have heard that he plans to take over the dream world and continue some project from the real world that never came to light. We have barely any intel on this and until Francis is caught, we won't know much else about him or the plans of the real world.

About Daiki:

Chief Tsukanai is a great person to have working at the DPF and more as the chief of the DIA. His intelligence and words of wisdom are quite the help during meetings and private discussions. However, it can sometimes be hard to get in touch with him outside of work. Unless it is something important or an emergency, he doesn't like to be bothered. He is still quite respected among the DPF even in other branches. Perhaps he is the most respected one of the 'Big Six' in the public's eye. 

About Ophelia:

Chief Ophelia became the most recent of the 'Big Six' to become chief. I have to say that she has fit in quite well among us and has adapted to communicate with each branch when necessary. I have helped her out with this new experience and I believe she will do quite well. Should another disease spread in the dream world, you can count on her to put a stop to it before it can do any damage. That's just how good I think she is and how capable she will be at her job.

About Finnegan:

Leader Finnegan is a textbook example of not judging a book by its cover. While the leader of the ROTU may seem cheerful and a bit comedic at times, his brain works in a way that allows him to come up with discrete plans that can help him when needed. After all, he did help with getting DNA samples of Francis disguising that intention as a mere rescue operation. Even moreso, his cheerful personality occults a much sadder reality.

About Vivienne:

Chief Vivienne has a lot of energy in her line of work. I'm not sure if it's natural energy, but she is always ready for a new day ahead. Her voice and input during meetings is always certain to be heard, but it is never a bother. It's impressive she can handle all of that work as chief and get everything in on time. In fact, she tends to get everything done ahead of time. It must explain why she has time after work to still partake in leisurely activities out in public. She's truly something else and in her own lane.

About Matías:

Chief Matías leads the biggest branch within the DPF. With that many patrol officers to look after, the role as chief can become stressful. Don't get me wrong- my role as chief can also become stressful too, but he seems to handle more paperwork than the rest of us. Still, he is persistent and enjoys his job. There are times where we tell him to go easy on himself and to take breaks, though I think chief Tsukanai's words are more impactful than the rest of ours.


Skin color (left): #734f37

Eye color (right): #8043e7