Date of Birth: May 10

Pronouns: he/him

Species: Cat hybrid

Affiliation: Formerly Dimension Protection Force (IAA agent)

Background: English

Eye color: Dark brown

Height: 5'8 (173 cm)

Identity: Bisexual

A cat hybrid who lives in an apartment in the dream world. Born as the fifth child from an aristocratic family, he was often put aside and neglected growing up before then becoming an intelligence officer. His declining eyesight would eventually lead him to retire from that job, but now lives with his partner. He can be blunt, but he can be laid-back, smart, and enjoys cooking and painting. 

More about Epsilon:

About the DPF:

The DPF's a great place if you're looking for a job that's about protecting the dream world. I'm not sure what you're looking for in specific, but there's a lot of different fields besides the "Big Six" ones. A big majority of people are pretty nice and you feel pretty good working in that organization. Though make sure you get a job you actually want. I hear it can be tricky to get reassigned to another branch if you change your mind.

About the IAA:

The Intelligence Affairs Agency is a branch within the DPF and one of the "Big Six" branches. It specializes in gathering top secret intelligence on fugitives and other threats arising in the dream world. When I worked there, I was an undercover spy who would go out in the field and secretly gather information on people that were suspected of doing crimes. The job is kind of risky, but these ears of mine are pretty good at listening in. Apart from that, the IAA also recently began specializing in cyber related affairs. I can't say much else because most information is top secret, even after you retire, so I have to keep my lips sealed.

About the Council:

From what Lucid has told me, the Council seems rather strange. While they are the body who makes the rules of the dream world, they seem to have other thoughts going on that they don't want the public to know about. Lucid said that trials through the Council are always decided before the trial even takes place and they're purposefully unfair to the person accused to impose some sort of "fear" onto the public into behaving. Listen, I don't have any plans to revolt against them or the DPF, so I just hope I never see myself in that chamber.

About his hobbies:

As I'm retired from the DPF, I do get a monthly check from them, so job wise- I don't have to worry about that for now. I have a lot of free time on my hands, but most of it is spent exercising, painting, making food, and reading novels. I don't really have anything particularly "exciting" about my hobbies. 

About his favorite food:

I really like fettuccini alfredo pasta- especially with chicken and broccoli. It's the one dish I really can't say no to. I make a pretty mean pasta, if you are curious to try some.

About his family:

I don't have the greatest relationship with my own family. As the youngest of the bunch, I wasn't really given the best childhood. I don't want to talk about them.

About Dylan:

It was on a cloudy day when I got upset at my family that I stormed out of the house and just sat on the sidewalk outside for a while when a kid around my age approached me. At first I thought he was very weird, like quite strange. He kept asking me questions about all sorts of things and eventually I reluctantly told him my name and what I was doing out there in the first place. We would later grow up together as I would sneak out to go play with him. We became best friends and would do lots of things together. It was hard for him to make a lot of friends without being bullied for his hair. Sometimes he just didn't know how to defend himself. I usually took a few hits for him. I didn't like anyone picking on him and I stepped up to protect him. Down the line, we would confess to each other that we liked one another. Eventually I'd introduce him to my family, but that didn't end well as they did not approve of me liking someone of a different species. Eventually, I moved out and into an apartment with him. You know, it's been such an adventure with him. I'll always love the same old silly Dilly the same as I did back then. I'm very glad he's in my life.

About Almoral:

If I had to think of the loudest person I know, I would say Almoral. Almoral was introduced to me by Dylan and well, he's certainly a character. I'll be honest, as much as I joke with Almoral, I don't have any negative feelings towards him. He's a nice guy with a big heart who just happens to care a lot about his friends. He calls our little friend group the 'Three Amigos' and we just roll with that. I don't know much else about Almoral's past since he doesn't like to talk about it, but I don't pressure him. Almoral has a lot of energy...I wonder where he gets all of that from?

About Lucid:

Lucid's an incredible friend. In my early days at the DPF, he actually helped me train and taught me a few moves here and there. Besides that, he gave me a lot of advice for the DPF and just for stuff in general as well. Lucid's been around for a long time, but his reputation was remarkable among the people of the dream world. While Lucid is incredibly smart and kind, I do think he holds a lot of sadness in his heart that he hides. I don't think it comes from his trial necessarily, but there's a lot of things on his mind he can't seem to do much about and that frustrates him. He might not tell me or others, but I hope he can be truly happy someday. Perhaps when he finds his redemption, he'll be happy by then.

About Nate:

Lucid introduced me to Nate many years ago, and I can see why those two have been close to one another. If Lucid is the moon, then Nate would be the sun. They kind of just click. Nate's a really great guy with a lot of things he picked up from Lucid. Everywhere Nate goes, he seems to make friends. I really don't understand how anyone could hate him. He just radiates good energy all around. I was also there for him following Lucid's trial. He really needed people there around him following that.

About Willy:

I never expected in my life to travel to another world besides the real world. When I heard from Dylan that he needed help bringing a little child home, I figured that wouldn't be hard. I just didn't know it would be in the world of a book. Willy is the kindest kid you could meet. He is very sweet and liked to ask me questions about the dream world. Y'know... something about Willy helped me feel like I overcame some thoughts about myself...insecurities, you could say. Willy has the whole world ahead of them. I promise I'll be there to watch him grow.

About Sid:

If you're asking about the cashier at Biz Mart, I guess I know him. I'm a regular customer to the store as I have special access to the real world following a deal I struck with my retirement from the DPF. Sid's a laid-back guy who works the night shift there. Some people might say he is a bit pushy with the rules around the store, but you really should listen to him. Sid often has a basket of goodies for me to take home when I visit him and he also shares tales of the real world. He reminds me a lot of Lucid. *cough* Well...hmm, I suppose you know then.


Skin color (left): #623e2e

Eye color (right): #704741