Date of Birth: December 31

Pronouns: Prefers he/him

Species: Dream demon

Affiliation: Formerly Dimension Protection Force (DPU & DIA agent)

Background: Persian

Eye color: Silver

Height: 5'6 (168 cm)

Identity: Unlabeled

Main character of the story; an ancient dream demon who used to be well respected in the dream world before breaking the biggest rule and becoming a fugitive on the run. Lucid is said to be quite powerful, but the true extent of his strength is a mystery. He is extremely intelligent, kind, patient, and living a double life… 

More about Lucid:

About the dream world:

The dream world is a vast plane that exists below the real world. It is made up as a result of human memory and nostalgia. Even if the dream world turned its back against me, I would never turn my back against the same home that watched me become who I am now.

About the DPF:

The Dimension Protection Force is the largest organization in the dream world. It is made up of various other agencies that branch together to form it. I worked for millenia in the DPF, primarily in the Dimension Patrol Unit and Detective Investigation Agency. Following my trial, all of my files about my experience there have been destroyed. It is a shame those records are now lost. In any case, the DPF has protected the dream world for millennia, and I look forward to seeing it grow.

About the Council:

I do not have the best opinion of the Council since my trial with them took place. While they are the ruling authority over the dream world, there are times where their arm of the law overreach into the lives of others they may not agree with for what they have done... Ahem, I should say that I do not necessarily find them to be a despicable body, I do believe they have their flaws. Should you ever appear before them, I hope it is for good reason.

About his trial:

The "trial" I was put through was hardly anything like a regular trial should go. The charges that would have been brought forth against me were already decided even before the trial began. It was a rushed and biased trial from the start, but I never imagined they were going to punish me with ensealment. I wish I could forget the events of that day.

About his realm:

The Monochrome dimension was a dimension I created many years ago. The name was given to it in recent years because it has turned monochrome in nature. There is nothing interesting there for you to see, but I suppose you could try flipping the television on to pass time. Many say it is my home, but I am not the only one whose home it is...

About Biz Mart:

Biz Mart is located in the real world on an area filled with unstable vortices. Because of the many vortices, the area acts as one large vortex that is capable of taking people into the dream world. I have heard strange stories about people walking in and never coming back out. Perhaps I will take a quick trip to Biz Mart and see what all of the commotion is about. Would you care to join me?

About his favorite hobby:

There is nothing more enjoyable than reading a book. I have found comfort in reading books to pass the time whenever I am alone. Did you know I have read a grand selection of books? I can even recite famous literature off of the top of my head. Please, which classic work would you like me to recite?

About his favorite food:

Since I was a small child, I have always loved eating grapes. Grapes were a big staple in my gastronomy growing up and continue to be a must have fruit for me to consume. By the way, I prefer red grapes, but I do not mind green grapes either.

About his worries:

I have many worries I do not openly voice, but if I had to voice one, I would say that the state of the dream world is in my top three. I am not sure where the dream world will be headed in the next few years as there are forces out there trying to disrupt dream worldian society. I sincerely hope nothing comes to pass, but I can only hold my breath...

About Nate:

I met Nate about a millennia ago in a dark alleyway when he was being chased after by the wrong people. I would later meet him again when the director of the DPF had me pair up with him as my partner. He is very kind and perhaps the sweetest dream demon you could meet. I always did my best to make sure he never got hurt, but that resulted in a few nasty scars for me. I would rather give myself scars than have him get scarred by the dangers of the dream world. Perhaps that is a bit too dramatic, but I could not bear to see him in pain. He means much to me... I hope he is doing fine without me out there.

About Almoral:

I have mixed feelings about Almoral. I am not sure where to begin... My first meeting with Almoral was very complex to comprehend and I still do not know how to feel about him. Being stuck in his mansion for that time felt lonely, but he never treated me wrong. Truth be told, I had no where else to go as a runaway fugitive. During that time, I managed to teach Almoral many things which I have heard he still takes into account. In the end, I made him curse me, but I do not know when I will return so he can lift the curse. Do I miss him? Well... let us save that answer for another time.

About Epsilon:

Epsilon is a wonderful friend I am lucky to have. In my last years at the DPF, I helped him train to become a good and skilled agent. Ever since that, we have had a friendship that I believe will last until the end of time. He often informs me of matters going on in the dream world and helped me after I became unsealed. I owe him much for his help and I hope he realizes his importance to me.

About Sylveran:

I met Sylveran while working at the DPF about two millennia ago. He did not have many connections or friends at the DPF, but I was not afraid to speak with him and make him feel welcome. We were very good friends, but never partners at work. Down the road, something happened that caused him to distance himself from me, but I am still not sure what I did. Nowadays, he sees a target on my back and wishes for my arrest. In fact, he wishes to be the one who arrests me. Thinking about Sylveran makes me feel quite sad. I cherished our friendship and still wonder where things branched off to get to this point.

About Francis:

Francis is a dangerous human who is out to disrupt dream world society because of a classified government experience to take over the dream world. All of his plans have failed to date, but it is only a matter of time before one of his plans is a success. He is smart and experienced in his field, but without knowing where he resides, it is going to be difficult to arrest him. I do not wish to cross paths with him again, but I know there will be another encounter with him someday. I just hope it is not in the worse of circumstances...

About Sid:

Sid? Oh, you mean the cashier worker at Biz Mart? Yes, I know who you are talking about. I do not know much about Sid besides the fact that he is a cashier working minimum wage who likes to pass time reading manga on the job. Sid works the night shift at Biz Mart and sees very strange things in that time. Have I spoken to him before? You could say that.


Skin color (left): #b48978

Eye color (right): #c9cdcc