Finnegan R. Vulpes

Date of Birth: October 10

Pronouns: he/him

Species: Fox hybrid

Affiliation: Dimension Protection Force (Leader of the ROTU)

Background: Canadian

Eye color: Green (left eye), Blue (right eye)

Height: 5'11 (180 cm)

Identity: Transgender (FTM), Gay

A fox hybrid who works as the leader for the DPF's Rescue Operations Team Unit since 1989 which includes emergency services like fire and medical units. The team he is in charge of responds to situations that require immediate attention and potentially saving lives- whether it be a burning building, helping the injured, or rescuing a cat from a tree. While Finn is very chatty, determined, and likes to tease in a playful way, his smile holds a tragic past he tries to hide from others.

More about Finnegan:

About the DPF:

It's been like a hundred years since I joined the DPF! The DPF's a great place to work at and there's a lot of benefits to working here. Of course, I didn't immediately get thrown in as leader. I had to work my way up here! If you ever need someone to vouch for you to join, you can count on me!

About the ROTU:

Since I was little, I always had a fascination with first responders. I always wanted to be like them! I applied at the ROTU- which consists of a fire, medical, disaster and recruit unit! I worked in the disaster unit for around 75 years helping out after natural disasters and it was great! Eventually, I became the leader of the ROTU in 1989 and it's kind of easy...well, a lot of paperwork and making sure things are in tip-top shape, but everyone is so hard working! I love this job very much!

About the Council:

I've had to meet with the Council a few times in the past as I'm one of the "Big Six" of the DPF! I actually had to go to a confirmation hearing when I was nominated for leader of the ROTU. wasn't the best of times, but I managed to barely get confirmed! They're alright, but I wouldn't get on their bad side. They can be pretty dark when you get on their bad side, so a little bird told me...

About the "Big Six":

You know, I think it's kind of cute that the public has a name for the six most important branches of the DPF! We're the ones that are considered the most important in the DPF, but honestly I think we're all important! The DPF is one big family. We all work together!

About his favorite foods:

I really love grilled chicken dishes. They are pretty good! I also love eating those little fruit bowls they serve in the employee cafeteria. You could honestly keep me distracted with those little bowls!

About his dog tags:

I like to think that these dog tags bring me good luck! I always wear them just in case something bad is bound to happen. They're like a charm! It's certainly seen its worst days...

About Eliazar I:

Eli! Hehe, ah, where do I start?! I first met Eli when I applied at the DPF's ROTU. Who would've guessed that we applied on the same day? Eli and I were the top of our class as we were the ones who were zooming through exams and training. I thought it was great that I had someone on my level there and often complimented him for how impressive he was doing! Halfway through the six-month training course, we got put together as partners! I was relieved that I was paired with someone I had already gotten to know. He was always being a grump and coming off as mean, but I know he was joking! Nowadays, he is the Head Instructor for the Recruit Unit. He's also always making sure I'm on top of my paperwork. Hehe...I'm sure lucky to have him! He's really amazing! It's always a lot of fun to tease him and play around and it's always a joy to me to see him every day at work. Now I don't have favorites, but Eli is something else!

About Eliazar II:

Eli can look pretty intimidating, but I had always assumed it was for show. Well, I show up to work one day and I get the news that Eli had gotten arrested. I assumed it was for something benign, but when I heard that the charges were for murder, I almost wanted to throw up. There's no way that Eli would do that! Unfortunately, it was very much true. Apparently, he had gone out for revenge against those that killed his spouse a few months prior. At this point in time, Eli was about to leave behind his only son- who was still a baby! I knew I had to prevent him from going to prison! I remember going and trying to get strings pulled to prevent this from happening. Well, I was successful! I just couldn't have Eli go to prison and leave behind his son without his father. It felt like no one else cared about Eli. It just felt like I was the only one who really knew who Eli was. I got to know Eli for years and knew that he is not a bad person. Haha, he's a really wonderful guy. I'm glad he got to stay out of prison and stay with his son. Rest assured, he doesn't owe me anything. I did it because I cared a lot about him as his friend. Agh, Eliazar is an incredible person and father figure, even if he's still hurting. Behind those shades lies a broken, but resilient man.

About Nate:

I remember meeting Nate in the employee cafeteria many years ago! This was around when Lucid had gone through his trial and Nate seemed really isolated. I approached him to make small talk and he was really nice to converse with me! Nate's someone you can count on whenever you need a friend to talk to. Nate and I also like to share secrets and other fun little details of our lives...that's how much I trust him!

About Almoral:

I heard about Almoral for the first time from Nate when I mentioned I was looking for necromancy services. Almoral's really a heck of a guy! I'd say he knows the ins and outs of what he does, and he does it so effortlessly! I've become good friends with him since the mid-1990s and although we don't hang out for leisure, he's still someone I can rely on and a very funny, cool guy!

About Lucid:

Much of what I know about Lucid comes from Nate. Nate likes talking to me about Lucid whenever things get tough for either of us. It seems like Lucid's wisdom and charisma has rubbed off on Nate a lot, but besides what I know about the trial, Lucid doesn't seem like a bad guy after all! Of course, any head boss at the DPF can't say that. We've kind of swore to the Council we wouldn't speak about Lucid in a "positive light" publicly.

About Francis:

Francis gives us ginger people a bad name! Gingers already have that "don't have a soul" running joke and we don't need another one giving us bad reputation! He's pretty weird, but don't judge him for his looks. He is actually pretty smart and can outsmart others- even me! Unfortunately, my branch can't do much to stop him as we dedicate ourselves to rescuing people, but if Francis was in trouble one day...

About Daiki:

Meeting Daiki for the first time upon becoming leader of the ROTU was kind of awkward. He's quiet, but firm. He doesn't like to talk or socialize outside of work and resorts to staying cooped in his home on his days off. That being said, he's very smart and takes his job seriously. The chief certainly has his good moments, though. I just wish he wasn't so introverted!

About Kamaria:

Kamaria is very good at her job and although she might be quiet during meetings, she always gives good ideas and input! She's also pretty observational and takes note of every little detail about a person or thing. There are rumors that she has some pretty top secret information about important people in the dream world- not including DPF chiefs. Is it true? Who knows!

About Ophelia:

Ophelia is the newest "Big Six" chief at the DPF and she's already a natural! I think she seemed a bit nervous at first with her role, but she managed to pull herself through and come fully prepared to her new position! She doesn't beat around the bush and tells it like it is. She's also a very cleanly person- you know, anti-germs and all that.

About Vivienne:

Vivienne is a great friend! She's actually the person I'm closest with in the "Big Six" and she's quite the character! She loves speaking during meetings and brings life to those meetings- which can be kind of boring sometimes. In her line of work, crime scenes don't seem to upset her as she's seen a LOT of things in her field. I don't know how she manages to stay firm with all of that!

About Matías:

Matías is one hard working guy, but he often gets stressed from work. Don't get me wrong- he is great at his job! However, being the chief of the patrol unit can be stressful, which I don't blame him! He's a bit of a mix between social and anti-social, so I think that's a good balance! I've heard rumors he's been on and off with a certain chief, but that's not really my business.

About ???:



Skin color (left): #d9ae81

Left eye color (top right): #7fba76

Right eye color (bottom right): #9098bf