Artifacts are special badges in the game that give you access to a seasonal dimension year-round. Seasonal dimensions are only available to visit during their respective season, but should you find an artifact, it will give you year-round access to a certain seasonal dimension linked to it.

In order to properly use an artifact, you have to find the secret area in the Backrooms with seasonal dimension portals. Artifacts usually accompany a certain event, such as the April Fool's Party or the Corn Maze event.

While all artifacts come and go, the difficulty depends on how it is actually obtained when it's available to collect.

Note: Not all artifacts are currently obtainable. Be sure to check when the badge is typically available. If you're looking for badges, click here.

Teddy Artifact

Difficulty: Medium 🟑

Access: Picnic dimension

Event: Valentine's Party

Shamrock Artifact

Difficulty: Medium 🟑

Access: Well dimension

Event: St. Patrick's Party

Box Artifact

Difficulty: Hard 🟠

Access: Box dimension + Diner dimension

Event: April Fool's Party

Magnifying Artifact

Difficulty: Easy 🟒

Access: TBD

Event: Noir Party

Sun Artifact

Difficulty: Hard 🟠

Access: Minimal dimension

Event: Summer Party

Rose Artifact

Difficulty: Hard 🟠

Access: Zamboli's Warehouse + Wonderland

Event: Fractured Fairytales

Pumpkin Artifact

Difficulty: Medium 🟑

Access: Patch dimension

Event: Corn Maze

Bat Artifact

Difficulty: Medium 🟑

Access: Campfire dimension + Almoral's mansion

Event: Halloween Party

Snowman Artifact

Difficulty: Easy 🟒

Access: Pole dimension + Pole HQ

Event: Holiday Party