Date of Birth: October 29

Pronouns: he/him 

Species: Pumpkin hybrid(?)

Eye color: ???

Height: 5'9 (175 cm)

Identity: Straight

A farmer who owns his own pumpkin patch. He spends most of the year growing and tending to his pumpkins; when autumn comes, visitors come to his patch and take home his pumpkins with them. They are very well known to be good for pies and the like, and he takes a lot of pride in farming them each year.

More about Cal:

About the DPF:

The DPF is what keeps all of us safe! I ain't gotta worry when I see 'em around!

About the Council:

Never met the Council, but I don't think I wanna ever meet 'em. Just be a good guy and you'll be good.

About the Patch:

This land here is all mine for keeping! Finders keepers! I take great pride in growing these here crops...more specifically, pumpkins! You ever need pumpkins, you come here, you get that? I'd never leave this place, no one can make me!

About his favorite hobby:

You really asking what I do for hobbies? I'm a darn farmer! I farm! I don't got other things up my sleeve!

About his maze:

I can't stand when trespassers come in and walk into my maze without permission. There ain't nothing interesting to see in there! I don't got anything in there for anybody to see! Be gone!

About his head:

So many people think this here head of mine is a fake. But see this? A real pumpkin! I ain't a faker!

About Nate:

Nate's a good guy. Often comes by during the autumn season to chat and to take home some of my pumpkins. I just wish Lucid hadn't rubbed off on such a good guy like him!

About Lucid:

That no good dream demon is out there evading arrest! I don't want the likes of him in my patch...let alone my maze! You ever see him, you better beware! Not all is what it seems!

About the mysterious kid:

Not really sure much about the mysterious calf child in my patch. He just appeared one day and hasn't left since. I don't really mind. He's quiet and I feed him with some of my harvests. Just wish he'd talk!