Date of Birth: November 2

Pronouns: he/him 

Species: ??? 

Background: Mexican

Eye color: Golden

Height: 6'5 (196 cm)

Identity: Pansexual

A necromancer living in his own mansion alone in a very isolated part of the dream world. An encounter with Lucid many years ago ended up going wrong and has since led him to be obsessed with Lucid. Despite his intimidating, loud personality, and low intellect, he has a good heart and cares about the few friends he has.

More about Almoral:

About the DPF:

BOOOOO! The DPF are the anti-fun police. All they do is go around and tell you what you can and can't do. They say "no stealing!" or "Don't touch that!" or "You can't search up Lucid on the internet every day!" Well, BOO to those guys! Hmph, they wish they could be as awesome and cool and funny and great and powerful and handsome like ME- Almoral! But.......I can give a pass to SOME people like... Lucid!! And Epsilon! And Nate! And M3-0W! And Finn! And and and... okay a FEW people get a pass for working at the DPF, but other than that, everyone else is on thin ice!

About the Council:

I've never met the Council before in person! I've heard stories from other people about them, but Lucid told me more in depth about who they are and what they do. I'll be honest... I have a grudge against them! They made Lucid go through a huge and unfair trial!! There are far worse crimes than what Lucid did but sure... give HIM the worst treatment possible... I'd threaten them...but I don't wanna get in trouble...heh...

About his mansion:

So many people think my mansion is "scary" or "cursed" but I don't think it's any of that! Some people just don't know what GOOD taste is. My mansion? THAT'S good taste. There's nothing to fear! Sure there's a cemetery in the front and maybe a cobweb here and there... and then maybe it's a little dark in there, but it is a comfy place to live! When Lucid was here, he felt a little out of place, but he eventually got used to it! I remember I woke up one day and found him reading books from the shelves...actually, he finished an ENTIRE bookshelf of books in a night! If you ever come over, I'll definitely treat you to a nice meal or maybe a story or two... my treat!

About his favorite hobby:

Nothing beats dealing with the dead! Being a necromancer is such a cool job. Ever since I was little, the idea of death has always fascinated me and I took it upon myself to learn how to be a necromancer! Sure it was a pain to read book after book and after a lot of trial and error, I eventually got the hang of it! I'm friends with a good few spirits and we hang out and tell stories of each others' lives! When I told Lucid about what I did, he seemed curious about it...and boy did I show him my awesome powers!! Of course, I have other powers besides necromancy. What? Of course I do! I am the great and almighty Almoral!!

About his favorite foods:

I love all kinds of food, but good ol' Mexican food is SOOOO good! I'm talking about tostadas, chilaquiles, menudo, pozole, tamales, enchiladas, tacos, burritos... Wow... so good... Say, if you're ever around, I can whip up a mean quesadilla for you! Lucid really liked the meals I made for I know you'll like them too!

About his eyepatch:

You really wanna know about this thing? There's not much to say... Some people really wanna see what's underneath, but not even Lucid knows the secret behind my eyepatch! Let's just say... always bless graves before doing any magic on them!

About Lucid I:

Lucid!!! Lucid is SO SO SO SO awesome!! He's awesome...he's smart...he's cool...he's nice...he's amazing...he's patient...he's adorable...he's incredible...he's powerful...he's the BEST! There's no one else in the dream world that compares to him! No one is on his level! Getting to meet Lucid was such a great experie- well... aside from the technical details, it was cool! Lucid taught me lots of things, gave me advice, and was understanding and patient. Sure that might've been like 80 years ago, but I remember everything! Seriously, you'd be so lucky to meet someone like him. Hey! Did you know that Lucid sneezes like a kitten? Hahaha, it's true! I thought it was so adorable! Did you know that Lucid actually volunteered to tidy up my mansion? Yeah! He was bored and decided to tidy up the place when I went out and I came back like WHATTT?! You know... Lucid didn't deserve what happened to him. Sure, he did something illegal, but what about the other people who did far worse?! Hmph, Lucid haters are just jealous of his awesome and cool skills! Lucid also knows so many languages and things about the universe that I don't even understand! He knows the answer to life, the universe and everything in it... like how do you know that?! He's so freaking cool!!!!! Yeah, Lucid is the best! Lucid is like someone you wish you were friends with because of how reliable, loyal, respectful, honest and great he is. I think Lucid is amazing! And awesome...and cool...and nice...and incredible...and kind...and smart...and...oh! Hahaha, I let myself go again, didn't I? Oops...sorry! I don't mean to go on and on about Lucid, but when you know someone as incredible as he is, you too would go on and on about them! Lucid is so so so so awesome!!!

About Lucid II:'ve probably heard by now that I cursed Lucid... Now wait wait wait! Not true! ...well, it technically is, but Lucid made me curse him! After being in my mansion for what felt like several months, Lucid told me that I could curse him in exchange for him to leave. I did so against my will, but I figured he was going to come back eventually! I asked Lucid for his help building a portal to the real world and he kept refusing. I still don't know why he kept refusing! He kept saying it was dangerous... I mean, fair enough but he did it multiple times and he's fine! I don't know... I wish he would come back so I can undo the curse! I know he's out there suffering because of it... It really makes me sad. I don't know why Lucid hasn't come back. It's been like 80 years and still no sign of him. I've gone out each day to try and look for him, but no luck. I wish things could've gone differently so they wouldn't have to be this way. I really miss Lucid, but I hope he misses me like I miss him.

About Nate:

Nate is so cool! At one point, Nate and I didn't talk because of events in the past...but we recently made up after we hung out trying to solve the case of the neap! After that, we started to talk more and more and we've practically become best buds! Nate's pretty smart in his own way and you can tell Lucid rubbed off on him a lot! Anyone who is a friend of Lucid a friend of mine and that includes Nate! Nate might be small, but boy is he grand! Lucid was right when he said that Nate has a big heart. One day, I hope the three of us can hang out together! I told Nate he is always welcome to stop by my mansion so we can chat! 

About Dylan:

Dylan is so funny! Dylan... my bro!! That guy is a kick to have around because he surely lightens up the mood! I met Dylan around 60 years ago or so when he stopped by on one of his previous mail routes. He looked kind of intimidated by me, but once he figured out I wasn't out to hurt him, he opened up quick! He's one cool dude. We like cracking jokes together and teaming up to annoy Epsilon, hehe. You know, we also like to play video games together when we can and he gets my type of humor! He's part of "The Three Amigos" which is made up of Dylan, Epsilon, and yours truly! We're one great bunch of best friends and Dylan makes it a fun experience every time!

About Epsilon:

Epsilon is awesome! I remember Dylan mentioned that he had a partner and I wanted to meet them! I was expecting it to be another rabbit person, but it was a cat person which caught me off guard! Now, I don't judge relationships- don't get me wrong! I thought it was cool to see him with someone like Epsilon! Epsilon might be serious and maybe a little mean to me, but I know he's always joking! The two of us are good pals and a part of "The Three Amigos" which is made up of Epsilon, Dylan and me of course! Epsilon might be grumpy, but that gives Dylan and I a chance to joke around with him. You know, Epsilon is a good friend. He's ALWAYS stood up for his friends! Having a friend like Epsilon is incredible, and I hope he knows that!

About Finnegan:

Finn is so cool! I actually met Finn within the last 30 years or so. He had heard about me from Nate who mentioned that I was a necromancer and here we comes asking for my services! At first, I thought I was in trouble! I mean, the leader of the ROTU knocking on my door... oh?! But no he was asking for my necromancer services...and who was I to say no! After all, I had heard what had happened and I wouldn't have blamed him for coming to me for help... While he's a regular customer now, I don't really like to charge Finn much since I feel bad about it...but he always pays the normal price and then a little more. Finn is always popping a smile, but if people only knew how much he is hurting inside to this day... I hope he finds happiness again someday.

About M3-0W:

M3-0W is awesome! I met her during a mission into the Box dimension and she's one reliable robot cat! She helped guide us through the various sub-dimensions of the Box dimension and also kept record of any evidence we came across. She's so helpful! I know Nate and her are partners together solving a mystery over at the DPF's DIA, so I know the two of them are gonna get to the bottom of it! Overall, I'd say she's a great person to have around for her skills, insight and as a friend too!

About Ophelia:

Ophelia is awesome! When I first met her, things were kind of tense. She barged into my home without warning and expected me to be okay with it! And then she was being sarcastic with me...who does she think she is! However, we eventually made amends and it turns out that she is pretty chill! She may be quick to the point and doesn't beat around the bush, but she definitely has a fun side! Now she's the chief of the DDCP... To think that I barely met her like a year ago when she was a regular DDCP agent and now she's the chief... That's awesome!

About Francis:

UGH! Francis...that guy... Let me tell you something: he SUCKS!! How the heck can someone like that be the one making things go all crazy in the dream world. It's either the weather has gone crazy, or rift portals are opening up, or you make the Box dimension leak...or you try to cancel Halloween by spreading a disease through the dream world! What kind of guy does that?! I'll tell you: Francis does! We've been SO close to catching him and it's always a bust. We literally had him in the Box dimension AND the Quartier Fantôme and he STILL got away! Ugh... I swear, the next time I see him, I'm going to make sure he doesn't get away again. With muscles like mine, he WON'T escape me! I'm just glad he knocked Lucid down as the most wanted person in the dream world... HA! How's it feel to be the most wanted now, huh? He also proved that Lucid wasn't the one behind again, HA! Score 1 for Lucid and 0 for Francis!


Skin color (left): #a46f5f

Eye color (right): #db9f47