Francis Robert P. Jackson

Date of Birth: ?

Pronouns: he/him

Species: Human

Affiliation: Samson Enterprises (Project Morpheus)

Background: American

Eye color: Blue

Height: 5'8 (173 cm)

Identity: ?

A human who resides somewhere in the dream world. He used to work as a scientist for the United States government since the 1970s. In 1986, a freak accident in a classified operation titled "Project Morpheus" would have him sucked through the portal and land him in the dream world with no way back. After assuming the project was scrapped, he laid low and continued what the project had actually intended: a takeover of the dream world for resources and other needs. In recent months, he's been disrupting dream world society with every plan of his, but all have ultimately failed. Not much else is known about his personal life and interests, but he is intelligent and dangerous, and he is still out there...

More about Francis:

About the dream world:

I like to think of the dream world as... an Earth- Part II, per se. It has just about everything a human would need to survive. Food, water, shelter, and the essentials of television and the internet. Of course, this world only exists because of people like me. To think the people down here really think they're superior to humans? Ha! They don't own the dream world! Humans do! Without us, they'd be dead! We first became aware of the dream world back in the 60's...the whole Project MKUltra- you know. Who knew THAT project would lead us on a much bigger discovery? The human mind on drugs sure is powerful...

About the real world:

No I'm not going to sit here and tell you the real world is perfect. It's far from that. The real world is full of problems. Too many conflicts, too many people, too many things that are just too dismal to think about. We're running out of resources up there and sooner or later, we'll be facing a grand humanitarian crisis the likes of which the world has never seen before. Not to be a pessimist, but something must be done. In the 70's, the U.S. government was aware on the track we were going on and sadly, there's no turning back for our world. If we can't reverse it, we just look for a new home. Mars? Space? The ocean? Sorry real world, but we need a new home!

About the DPF:

Ha! What a joke of an organization. The 'DPF' has been out trying to catch me for over a year now. I'm still a free man! It's a bit cute to see them do just about everything to catch me. Don't really like how there's so many terms I have to know about them though. 'DIA'? 'IAA'? 'ROTU'? 'DPU'? Why not make those into their own agencies? Dream worldian culture is so strange. Now I'm the '#1' criminal in the dream world. Well they must have a pretty awful record if they couldn't even catch Lucid- and he was #1 for YEARS! What a joke of an organization! I don't take them seriously.

About the Council:

I'm not really interested in the politics of the dream world. All I know is that they're the grand body that make the rules around here. I'm aware they can send humans back home, but it seems a bit too late for me to do that. Besides, I got bigger fish to fry elsewhere! I highly doubt I'll ever be before this illusive Council. For all I care, they can be dissolved.

About the District:

So the people of the dream world really built their own dimension? I must say I'm impressed. Known to be the biggest dimension, it's quite literally a replica of just about every place back on Earth. It would be the perfect place for humans to settle in and colonize! If it just wasn't for that stupid wall surrounding the place. Luckily I built a device that can destroy a portion of the wall if needed. I did so before to let cold air flood the dream world! I suppose I'll just have to wait again...

About Samson Enterprises:

The company I worked for back on Earth... Oh how times have changed indeed. Samson Enterprises specialized in a lot of high tech inventions back in the day. The United States Government had gotten in contact with them for a 'special deal' that I wasn't sure what it was at first. However, only a select number of employees were going to participate in said deal. In my time there, I was often seen as the 'crazy' guy who built lots of 'crazy' gadgets. If they were so 'crazy' then how come I was picked for that special deal? See? Being 'crazy' has its perks! Not so 'crazy' now, am I?!

About Project Morpheus:

When Samson Enterprises and the U.S. Government struck a deal, it was full speed ahead from there. I had become a part of what was labeled as a top secret project dubbed as Project Morpheus. This project had actually began in the early 1970s, but it didn't really crank up until 1982. The purpose of this project was to find a way to enter the illusive dream world that had been discovered to exist back in the 1960s. It was decided that Samson Enterprises would help design a special portal to reach this 'dream world'. We all worked hard, but I was putting in much more effort. My 'crazy' inventing was paying off well. Of course, when it came time to test the portal on one occasion, a freak accident led me to be sucked into it. I ended up here in the dream world with no way back. I'm pretty sure the project has been shut down since after this accident. It's too bad...

About Biz Mart:

My memory is a bit foggy about this, but if I recall, the U.S. government had intelligence amidst Project Morpheus that access to the dream world could be easily gained in one particular area of the world. Lucky for them, this area takes them to northeastern Minnesota, where a peculiar area dubbed as the 'Anomalous Vortex Zone' is located. In this area, there's a place that's the subject of a lot of strange things. We found out that many vortices are located in this one spot- the most of any in the world. This large vortex could take us to the dream world, but the only obstacle was that there is convenience store in its spot. I believe a man bought this plot of land in the 60's, but the government would rather conduct surveillance than just go in and cause a scene. I suppose this the 'Biz Mart' that's been talked about? That was then- I'm not sure about now. If you ask me, I would've just raided the place and gotten to the dream world already. Not sure what's going on nowadays.

About future plans:

I want to finish what Project Morpheus had started. Those utter fools left me in this world to survive on my own. To think they gave up on everything we worked for! I didn't get sucked in for nothing, you know! I want to take over this place and all of its resources just like we planned. Humans need a new place to settle. The Moon is a hellscape, Mars is too far, and let's face it: space is just too big, expensive- and don't get me started on the ocean. I've done everything to cause disruptions in the dream world, but everything always fails. I suppose I should remain on task with my main objective right now. Disrupting the dream world is cute and all, but that's not what my main focus should be. It involves a much bigger plan, that if successful, could jumpstart Project Morpheus again and prove to those fools that I- Francis Robert P. Jackson, will be the one to lead the new human settlement! It's only a matter of time...

About Lucid:

I met Lucid when I was busy stealing books and commanding an entire army in the name of 'Big Brother.' I'll be honest, is this really who was the most wanted fugitive for many years? Ha! Those DPF fools must be joking if they think someone like him is more dangerous than oh I don't know...actual murderers? Psychopaths? Y'know, BAD people. I only detest that Lucid foiled that plan of mine, but I see nothing wrong with anything else he's done prior to my arrival in the dream world. I don't mean to 'vouch' or 'support' Lucid, but the DPF isn't enough for me to take seriously if they really had him on their radar for years for pretty much nothing! What a shame with how they treated the dream world's most influential and intelligent figure over a harmless thing.

About Nate:

Another dream demon I detest. Nate has been on my tail for over a year now and even so, never managed to actually arrest me when he was investigating the anomalies of the dream world- courtesy of yours truly. It seems as if Nate and Lucid have a very strong bond with each other that goes back several years- perhaps decades? I don't know the whole story and I don't really care, but Nate seems like he's still rusty on his investigation skills. Then again, are all DPF agents rusty? I'm still here! Nate is in no way intimidating or scary enough for me to take too seriously. Just another pebble in my shoe!

About Finnegan:

Out of all of the leaders at the DPF, Finnegan sure is misleading. For someone who I've seen to be too unserious at his job, he managed to snag a bit of my saliva and hair! Bah! That sneaky little... Ahem. I believe I won't judge a book based on its cover after this. Finnegan may be the most 'relaxed' and 'laid-back' leader in the DPF, but there is definitely some brain in his head for him to have some pretty sneaky ways to get things done. I'll give him that. Whatever. He's that bull man's problem now.

About Almoral:

As tall and big as Almoral is, I don't find him serious or a threat. Let's just say... Almoral is not the brightest star. Having to see him twice- in the Box dimension and the Ghost District- gee, is he okay? Actually, I won't really judge him based on character. There's something in me that believes his way of behaving is merely an act. How can someone with the power of necromancy that? I don't think it makes sense. Who's to say he's not faking it all? I don't know. It feels as if he knows a lot more than he lets off...

About Ophelia:

Ophelia's the one who foiled my little parasite plot in 2022. Listen, I was very much proud of that creation and here she comes trying to put a stop to that. The parasite wasn't even designed to be lethal- no one died! Hmph. I will admit that I do take her serious enough considering she does mean business. Now that she's the head of the DDCP, I think I'll hold back on other pathological threats. Not that they would've worked- no, I don't think so. At least, not under her tenure. Ophelia sure is one to fear, though she's an angel, no? I suppose I should 'be not afraid' of her? However that works.

About Sylveran:

There are tales of a very famous and successful bounty hunter in the dream world who left the DPF to be independent. First off, good for him! The DPF is not a serious group. Second, I believe it's this Sylveran fellow. I don't know much about him, but I did have a close encounter with him during the Pizza Parlor's ten year anniversary party. For an angel who has that many eyes, he couldn't even see past my disguise and he was mere feet away from me! So much for being a 'great' and 'successful' bounty hunter. Though, he is definitely quite the frightening figure to even look at. How are you a bounty hunter and look intimidating to people who are supposed to think you're a good guy doing good things? Scary!


Skin color (left): #caac86

Eye color (right): #00a3e6