Date of Birth: February 9

Pronouns: she/her 

Species: Cloud entity

Affiliation: Dimension Weather Prediction Service

Eye color: Sky blue

Height: 5'4 (163 cm)

Identity: Straight

A cloud person in the dream world who works at the dream world’s weather service: the Dimension Weather Prediction Service. She is a senior meteorologist who keeps track of weather in the dream world, but occasionally goes out in the field to collect data from the various weather stations scattered about. She enjoys her job, talking about the weather, and the cloud on her head is a good indicator of her current emotions. 

More about Cirrus:

About the dream world:

The dream world's such a great place to live! The weather's not too bad and you don't really have to worry about bad weather...usually!

About the Council:

I've never met the Council, but I've heard that people who get summoned by them should be either afraid or proud- depending on the circumstances of the summons. I don't think I'll ever meet them, but going before them for something really grand would be an honor!

About the DWPS:

The Dimension Weather Prediction Service is the agency in the dream world that monitors and issues forecasts for weather around the dream world! It's a pretty great agency and everyone here is great to work with. We have several satellite forecasting offices out there in the dream world to manage and monitor weather in different corners of the dream world. If you ever have time, you definitely stop by one!

About her hobby:

I am a senior meteorologist at the DWPS! I knows the ins and outs of my job and am a wiz at everything meteorology related! I'm not sure if this field is in my system, but I was definitely born for a job like this! I'd never trade it for anything else in the dream world.

About the weather:

Weather across the dream world can vary. Sometimes you'll encounter a snowy dimension, a hot dimension, a stormy dimension, or maybe a dry dimension. It honestly depends on the dimension itself, but overall weather in the dream world depends on human memories depending on the season. Make sure you have ways to receive alerts from the DWPS if the weather is expected to change drastically!

About her clouds:

The clouds around me and on my head change depending on my mood! If I'm in a good mood, the clouds are fluffy and white! If I'm sad, the clouds are grey and rainy. If I'm mad, the clouds are dark and stormy. You get the idea!

About Nate:

Nate is a great person to chat with! Every so often, I used to bump into Nate out in the dream world when he was a patrol officer. We'd chat about ordinary things going on in our lives, our jobs, and other things too. He's very kind and loves to make friends everywhere he goes.

About Kodia:

Kodia's a wonderful forest ranger and friend! She was kind enough to come along to examine weather data with me and even learned a thing or two about the weather. Of course, I also learned a thing or two about the wilderness of the dream world along the way!

About Porter:

Porter oftens come to me with questions about an article he's writing in the Subliminal Tribune. He's very committed to his job and likes getting scoops out on time. I guess you can safe he's passionate about his job just like I am with mine!


Skin color (left): #e4e8f4

Eye color (right): #84baff