Date of Birth: April 1

Pronouns: he/they

Species: Rabbit hybrid

Affiliation: Dimension Postal Delivery Service

Background: American

Eye color: Magenta

Height: 5'2 (157 cm)

Identity: Gay

A rabbit hybrid who works as a postal delivery worker in the dream world. Meeting Epsilon when they were younger, the two of them basically grew up together leading them to where they are now. Since his birthday is on April 1, he takes advantage and likes to joke around a lot, play video games, and annoy Epsilon every day. 

More about Dylan:

About the DPDS:

In case you didn't know, I'm a postal delivery guy for the DPDS! They're the people who help deliver mail around the dream world. The job's alright- I mean, it's not the best job in the world, but it's also not the worst one! I like getting out there and delivering mail because you always see the craziest things! The DPDS is a good place and the other people are cool. Did you know my dad used to be a postal delivery guy? It's true! I'm just following in his footsteps!

About the Council:

The Council? Sheesh... Never met 'em, and I don't think I'd wanna! I get that they're the ones who make the rules around here, but they're kinda scary... Did you hear what they did to Lucid? That was bonkers crazy! Don't do anything crazy now- you could end up like Lucid!

About the DPF:

Just like the Council, the DPF can be kinda scary. While the Council makes the rules, the DPF enforces them and keeps an eye out on the dream world. I respect their work, but again, you don't wanna get in trouble with them. They're not all bad though! People like Nate are pretty awesome at their job there! 

About his hobbies:

If you didn't know, my birthday's on April 1 which means...I like to be a little...jokester... I love telling jokes and doing a prank or two- but mostly on Epsilon! I feel like being born on April Fool's Day means I have to live out that silly life every day! Besides, what's life like without a little fun and laughs?!

About his favorite foods:

Before you even ask, yes... I eat carrots, but! I like OTHER things, you know? I really like Epsilon's spaghetti dish that he makes! Something about the sauce and ingredients that he uses just makes the dish...very VERY de-lish! If you ever stop by here, you should definitely try it for yourself!

About his necklace:

This necklace was given to me by Epsilon many years ago on our 50th anniversary of being together! It's a silver heart locket and there's a picture of us together from when we were younger. I always wear it no matter the occasion! It means a lot to me.

About Epsilon:

You ever see a grumpy looking cat-boy hanging out around the Apartments? Well, that guy is my wonderful little ball of sunshine! Epsilon is such a great guy... You know, we met when we were kids! One day I was traveling with my dad on one of his routes and it happened to be in the English enclave. I saw Epsilon sitting on the sidewalk and I went up to talk to him because he looked like my age! He was kinda weirded out at first, but we managed to get along pretty well. Epsilon has always stood up for me whenever I got bullied. I tried to defend myself, but he was always getting himself hurt trying to make sure I was okay. I really owe him a lot and I'm beyond happy that he is in my life! Don't let his grumpiness get to you. He's a real sweet guy. I really want to spend the rest of my life with him and even if his family doesn't approve of it, I don't care!! Epsilon is amazing and they just have to deal with it! I'm so glad he's in my life and I know he's glad I'm in his too.

About Almoral:

Meeting Almoral was by coincidence! I had been assigned a route for a month or so and it happened to pass by his mansion. Boy, it was really creepy passing by there and I always wondered who owned the place! One day, I found him outside and he looked really scary! Turns out, looks aren't everything! Almoral is incredible! We became good friends from that meeting and learned that we often think alike! He's a really great guy, but I do think he can be lonely sometimes. Epsilon and me are his bestest friends and he keeps us close, but deep down, he's scared of losing people close to him. If you knew his backstory, you wouldn't blame him.

About Sylveran:

Sylveran is... first look? Terrifying!! Jumpscare!! But no no, hold on, listen to me! Sylveran is actually...not that bad? I got to properly get to know him better on one Christmas Eve and well, it turns out he's pretty nice! Sylveran knows his appearance is scary to most people, but he wishes for people to not judge him by his looks, but by his character. I don't think he's a bad guy... I just think he needs more friends and to- you know- have fun! Play board games, go to the Mall, go to parties...you know, FUN! Sylveran is an alright guy...just as long as you aren't a criminal...

About Nate:

I met Nate through Epsilon! You know, he might work in the DPF, but he's really nice! Something about Nate that's admirable is the fact that he tends to make friends where ever he goes! He loves talking to people and it's always fun conversations! Nate might be over two thousand years old, but you wouldn't be able to tell with his energy! Nate's always been happy from what I've seen, at least, that was until Lucid's trial. I'd never seen him quite depressed like that before. I mean, Nate losing Lucid really affected him. But luckily...oop- I shouldn't talk about this... Let's just say he's happy again...quite happy actually!

About Lucid:

If you're ever looking for answers to like, anything ever at all, you'd probably wanna go talk to Lucid! I met Lucid through Epsilon and he's a smart dude. I always wondered just where he even got all his smart energy from, but he always says it's because of books. Now I'm not really a book person, so I'll just have to take his word for it. Lucid's really kind, but man, they were really rough on him during his trial. I don't think he deserved any of that at all! He's just lucky he has us around even if everyone else looks down on him.

About Willy:

On one of my routes one day, I stumbled upon a little goat child who was really scared! Willy is that kid! Willy told me that they came from a far away place called 'Wonderland' and needed help getting back home! Naturally, I agreed to help him out! Epsilon and I managed to get into the book he came out of and got to know Willy better. The kid's amazing! He knows me as "Mr. Rabbit" and Epsilon as "Mr. Cat" which I think is the cutest thing ever. Willy is such a sweet kid...if I could, I would've adopted them! Of course...Epsilon would've needed to agree to that too and I think he would've said yes. We better go check on Willy! I miss the little guy!


Skin color (left): #dc926f

Eye color (right): #fb96ce