Tsukanai Daiki

Date of Birth: February 29

Pronouns: he/him

Species: Dream demon

Affiliation: Dimension Protection Force (Chief of the DIA)

Background: Japanese

Eye color: Red

Height: 6'2 (188 cm)

Identity: Bisexual

A dream demon who works as the chief for the DPF's Detective Investigation Agency since 1924. He is in charge of assigning and overseeing various investigation cases that arise in the dream world. He is described as being serious and reclusive. While Daiki does work with others in his agency and with the chiefs of the other DPF agencies, he mostly prefers to work on his own investigations and file paperwork on his own. Daiki is well educated and has good deduction skills. While he might seem cold, he means well and is well respected among his peers. Outside of work, he spends most of his time reading, writing, and spending time alone to himself.

More about Daiki:

About the DPF:

I have been working in the Dimension Protection Force for I would say around four millennia. It is a grand organization that works to protect the dream world and keep it in sound order. If you are ever looking for employment, you should definitely consider a job at the DPF. We have placement tests to see where you would best fit in if you don't have an idea of where you want to join. 

About the Council:

I have met the Council before on a few times. Most notably during my confirmation hearing where I was asked questions for several hours on end. The Council oversees the entire dream world and the affairs that encompass it. The average citizen will likely never be before the Council in their entire life, but for those who do, it is likely not for a good reason. If you ever meet them, let it be for a good cause.

About the DIA:

The Detective Investigation Agency has existed for many, many years. I worked within this agency for my entire time here in the DPF. My detectives are great people who take their job seriously in whatever assignment I hand them. I don't mean to be that person, but if you are considering joining the DPF, I would love to see you join my branch and add another great mind to the agency.

About his hobbies:

Besides working at the DIA, I am a thorough enjoyer of reading books and writing about my life and ongoing affairs. I don't really like spending time with others outside of work. Don't get me wrong, I do not find problems with socializing with people, but I prefer to be left alone.

About the Big Six:

The public has come to refer to the most important branches of the DPF as the "Big Six" of which I am included in. I don't have any feelings about this nickname in particular and am neutral. I just don't like how we are painted as celebrities sometimes. I am just another regular dream worldian citizen doing his job. No cameras, please.

About his necklace:

Ah, this necklace? It was a gift by someone a few years ago. It is a very lovely gift that I enjoy wearing. I don't think I have much else to say about it.

About Nate:

In early 2022, Director Ferekides informed me that he was personally transferring Hallucinate from the DPU to the DIA. His reasoning for that was that Hallucinate had great experience in this agency from his time working in it about two millennia ago alongside with Lucid and he would be a great detective in cracking the case of the strange dream world anomalies. Granted, I had my doubts and still do, but Hallucinate did seem to struggle at times with this case. I suppose the absence of Lucid had something to do with it...

About M3-0W:

M3-0W used to work in the DPU before getting transferred to the DIA in early 2022 after Hallucinate had asked Director Ferekides for a partner to help him on his case. M3-0W is a hardworking agent who has gotten and recorded a lot of useful evidence to advance the case. Her and Hallucinate get along well and it seems as if Hallucinate is better with a partner. M3-0W will continue to work in the DIA in other cases that I assign her, but it will be a mix of lower and higher ranked cases. I admire her determination on the job and hope she remains a detective.

About Lucid:

I don't really like speaking about Lucid in such a manner, but if you must know, I did work with Lucid in the DIA back in the day. Actually, at one point, Lucid and I were considered as potential contenders for next chief of the DIA should the opportunity arise. However, Lucid did not really seem to want the position and would advocate for Sylveran- another DIA detective- to get that role instead. Lucid was a fantastic agent, but his actions in the last one hundred years have been marked as shameful. To see his image get wiped from someone being so remarkably talented and gifted to a complete disgrace is a downfall I wish to not impose on anyone else. I don't really feel for either way if he is arrested or cleared for his crimes, but it is certain he will make his appearance in public once more someday.

About Kamaria:

Chief Kamaria is a well spoken and intelligent individual to have working as the chief of the IAA. I am aware that she can be quiet, but she is very observational and honest with her input and dialogues. Getting to work with her is an honor and I know the IAA is in good hands. I still wonder if she truly knows more about certain people than she lets on. I'm not sure.

About Finnegan:

I wasn't sure who to expect as leader of the ROTU following the passing of Leader Khyro, but I don't suppose I was surprised to see it was Leader Finnegan. It took a bit of time to become familiar with him, but he is smarter than he looks. It truly takes a lot of courage to become leader after such an event. Wounds are never easy to heal. I hope he knows he is doing a great job.

About Ophelia:

When a new individual comes to the leadership at the DPF, it sometimes takes time to properly get accustomed to the role. For chief Ophelia, this seemed to be the case, but she quickly adapted in no time. Being tapped to lead the NEAP-1 response and end up with great success certainly propelled her to greater heights. I look forward to working with her.

About Vivienne:

If you happen to walk by the chamber where we hold our monthly meetings, you may hear one voice stand out more than others. Chief Vivienne loves to give her input on a lot of issues, but we all listen in. Her energy is unmatched, but I wonder if it has to do anything with her necklace. Perhaps it's what she eats? Where does she get all that energy from? I only ask for a friend.

About Matías:

Ah, there is a lot I could say about Matías. I've known him longer than any of the other chiefs, so there is a peculiar trust that separates him from everyone else. I understand his line of work is stressful- granted, all of ours can be. I constantly check up on him and tell him to take breaks, even if it seems like he doesn't want me to tell him so. On a few occasions, we may even chat in private and have tea too. I think highly of him and believe he does a wonderful job as chief of the DPU. Of course, I have told him this- in private, of course. After all these years, Matías remains a resilient and important figure in the DPF, at least to me.

About Director Ferekides:

Director Ferekides' leadership at the DPF is well respected and looked up upon by all of our branches. His contributions to bringing peace to the dream world have not gone unnoticed either. Having turned down a seat on the Council to run this agency- an idea he proposed several millennia ago- was a grand decision on his part. He has seen much in his lifetime, but I don't think he plans on retiring anytime soon. If you ever meet him, be sure to shake his hand- any of his four hands really- and tell him I sent you.


Skin color (left): #6b5653

Eye color (right): #c52728