Date of Birth: September 21

Pronouns: he/they

Species: Dream demon

Affiliation: Dimension Protection Force (DPU & DIA agent)

Eye color: Crimson

Height: 5'0 (152 cm)

Identity: Transgender (FTM), Gay

An ancient dream demon who is currently an investigator out looking for clues and trying to determine what or who is causing strange anomalies across the dream world. Very sweet, talkative, helpful, and always determined to get things done, but don’t let this little dream demon’s size fool you. As Lucid once described them: "Small, but mighty."

More about Nate:

About the dream world:

The dream world's really big! In my years of living here, I don't think I've managed to explore a quarter of it! Despite its size, I think it's incredible that such a world like this can exist. Lucid likes to talk about theories and such about the dream world and it seems so fascinating. I love living in the dream world! I would hate to see anything bad happen to it...

About the DPF:

The DPF's a cool place to work at! I started working at the DPF because of Lucid around a thousand years ago. I mainly worked at the DIA at first, but got transferred to the DPU later on. It's not a bad line of work and there's some benefits to it! The director knows me personally because of Lucid as he's said some good things about me in the past. I recently got transferred back to the DIA, but gee... I don't like getting scolded by chief Daiki...

About the Council:

I've heard a lot of stories about the Council, but Lucid goes in more in depth about them. Even during Lucid's trial, I never got to personally see them face to face. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get a summon to appear before them, but then again, it's scary to get a summon from them. I just hope it's for something incredibly good that they wish to speak to me for!

About his favorite hobby:

I really love walking around the dream world while patroling! I love walking around and getting to talk to people I see along the way. I think it's therapeutic in a way and it definitely keeps me distracted. If you're ever down for a stroll, I'm free!

About his favorite food:

I love spicy food, but surprisingly, my favorite food is not spicy- but sweet! I love strawberry sundaes! My love for them comes from the strawberry sundaes from the Diner dimension. Those are SO good! It's too bad the Diner is forgotten now, but boy could I go for one of those sundaes right about now!

About his worries:

I always worry about Lucid's safety when he's by himself. I know he's in his realm where no one can bother him, but the fear of it being discovered is on my mind all the time. Ahhh, I really hope they don't find Lucid. I lost him once and I don't want to lose him again...

About Lucid:

Lucid's the kindest and smartest person that you could ever meet. I've never had a bad experience with Lucid since the day we met. He's always given me so much advice on how to get better and never judged me for my mistakes. He always stood up for me when everyone else at the DPF viewed me as just some little guy. I don't want to exaggerate, but Lucid's truly one in a million. I just wish he gets pardoned one day for what he did. He doesn't deserve this...he doesn't deserve any of it...

About Almoral:

My past with Almoral is a bit murky... Bah, I'm not sure how to feel about it. It's because of him that I managed to experience what 'sleep' is for the first time. It was a long sleep, but the spell I was put under seemed to give me rather pleasant dreams in that time. There was a large gap in time where we went without speaking with one another, but after that whole Neapworm incident, we made amends! Almoral is a nice guy...though, sometimes his intentions are bit strange. I just think Almoral needs more friends who aren' know...dead!

About M3-0W:

After I spoke with Director Ferekides about how I wished to get paired with a partner in my investigation, he paired me up with M3-0W! She's really incredible! Not only is she smart, but he is quite helpful in the investigation! Her navigation skills along with other robotic skills have come in clutch, especially when it comes to collecting evidence. It's fun to teach her about what emotions are since as a robot, it can be difficult to understand. She's awesome! Now that we figured out who was the cause of all the dream world anomalies, I'm not sure what's gonna happen now...

About Epsilon:

Epsilon's a pretty cool guy once you get to know him. Lucid introduced me to him when he was training Epsilon in the DPF. From what I know, Epsilon is calm but resilient. Observational and keen. He may be part cat, but he is pretty tough! My only concern is his eyesight... I hope it doesn't get too bad...

About Dylan:

Once you meet Epsilon, you're bound to meet Dylan! Those two are inseparable! He works as a postal delivery worker for the DPDS after following in his own dad's footsteps! Dylan is a pretty wacky and funny guy, which I think is kind of funny! He's dating Epsilon- someone's who pretty serious and stern. Opposites attract after all! Dylan's an overall pretty relaxed guy with a joke or two up his sleeve!

About Sylveran:

Sylveran's... pretty scary... Lucid tells me that he used to be a decent agent at the DPF who had a hard time making connections there. Something happened down the line that made him hate Lucid... and me! In fact, Sylveran doesn't like demons of any kind anymore! It's very tough to speak with him as he's very intimidating and tries to scare me. I hope Sylveran has a change in heart some day...

About Finnegan:

The leader of the DPF's Rescue Operations Team is one laid back guy! I know well Finn well enough to call him a good friend! Finn has had hardships in his past, but he always has a smile on his face! He really enjoys his job at the ROTU and loves watching the team grow and work together in times of need. Through all that, he cares for everyone in the team, but he definitely like to tease one particular worker more than others... Finn likes to come for me for advice on personal matters, but honestly, I kind of wish he would just go for it already!

About Eliazar:

Eli might look like a big, scary meanie, but he's nothing like that once you get to know him! Eli has worked in the ROTU for almost a hundred years now. He's one skilled man with a lot of talent for saving and rescuing! When needed, Eli leaves his son, Benji, for me so I can babysit him; he's a very nice kid! I hope Eli realizes that he already is a good role model for his son and he doesn't need to overthink it. Also- same thing as Finn- I wish he'd just go for it already!

About Francis:

Ugh... When all of the anomalies in the dream world were going on, I was expecting one of the top wanted fugitives of the dream world- no, that doesn't include Lucid. I NEVER thought it would be this guy! Francis is a big headache to deal with, and we don't know where he resides! I've come face to face with him before and he truly thinks that he's capable of taking over the dream world, but all of his plans have failed. Truth be told, at some point, one of his might plans might succeed...but the DPF will be there to stop him! Francis can't hide forever...he's bound to get caught one of these days...


Skin color (left): #e97f72

Eye color (right): #a8211b