Date of Birth: November 9

Pronouns: Any

Species: Oni

Eye color: White

Height: 4'9 (145 cm)

Identity: Non-binary, Asexual

An oni who currently lives in the Backrooms. They have the power to open portals to different dimensions so that anyone who is trapped in the Backrooms and finds them, can escape easily. They only wish that people who do stop by would stay longer to chat…it gets lonely in there sometimes.

More about Figment:

About the dream world:

Wow! If you've lived long enough, you'll know that the dream world is too big to explore in one lifetime! No one really knows where it starts or where it ends. I think even the most experienced navigators have no idea where to begin or end! It really makes you think...

About the Backrooms:

The dream world's pretty big, but the Backrooms is big too! There's a lot of levels in the Backrooms to explore, but it's truly a maze! Everyone's familiar with Level 01 of the Backrooms, but there's a whole bunch more to go! I've familiarized myself with many levels so I don't get lost around here! There's a lot of rumors and myths about this place, but it's honestly pretty lonely. It's a dimension that's highly risky to travel in alone due to the risk of getting lost. Once you get lost, you're toast! 

About the Council:

I've sent requests to the Council myself on opening up portals in the Backrooms! They seem pretty understanding in my reasoning, but I don't really recommend getting in trouble with them...

About Fig's hobbies:

Sitting around here gets pretty boring, so sometimes I have fun by moving crates around and tidying up the place a little! The Backrooms is said to be stinky and dirty...but not on my watch!

About the portals:

Getting lost in the Backrooms is kind of a running gag. Luckily, I can open portals so people who just so happen to stop by here and use them to quickly teleport to another place in the dream world! Consider it a friendly gesture from your local friendly oni!

About Fig's hoodie:

A lot of people ask me what's under my hoodie, but I don't think anyone really wants to know... I like keeping my face in the shade of my hoodie!

About Nate:

Nate's a really great guy! He's one of the few people who often stop by the Backrooms to visit me! He tells me stories of what's going on in the dream world. I have also helped him in some of his investigations with M3-0W!

About Lucid:

Lucid was a great friend, but it was sad to see how his reputation really went down the drain. However, I'm still impressed by how he managed to reach the real world! I can make portals to other places in the dream world, but real world? Wow! Lucid's something else!

About M3-0W:

M3-0W's really nice! She was Nate's detective partner, right? It was nice to see her stop by looking for clues, but I was surprised to learn that she memorized a lot of the Backrooms layout! I guess being a robot isn't too bad?

About Telly:

Telly's a wonderful fellow! Hehe, not to talk like them, but wow can they travel! Telly has their own form of travelling which they call "channel surfing." It's kind of like traveling by portal in the Backrooms from place to place, but I bet it's much more fun! I should ask Telly someday if I can surf along...

About Dylan:

If you think mail can't come to the Backrooms, think again! There's a mailbox in the Backrooms right where I am in case anyone out there wants to send me letters. Dylan stops by to deliver those letters- sometimes a package or two- to me whenever I have things addressed to me. Dylan's super funny and always a blast to talk to! I just wish he didn't have to go so soon...

About Francis:

Yikes!! Francis is the one who's been affecting the dream world, right? Oh no! I've felt some of his antics in the Backrooms. During those cold winters, I felt cold air coming from portals. During the Box dimension leak, I heard weird noises coming from portals! Luckily, the Backrooms has been mostly unaffected by his antics, but I fear for the day he mess with this dimension. Keep your dirty hands off of the Backrooms!!