Thursday, May 23, 2024

Edition 143


By: Oswald

Weather conditions across the dream world are expected to subside in the coming weeks; that’s according to the Dimension Weather Prediction Service.

The DWPS has been monitoring a ‘generalized, medium’ risk for severe weather across the dream world for the past two weeks or so. With severe weather affecting sporadic areas of the rural dream world and the District, reports of severe weather have also slightly diminished since last week.

Earlier this week, the District saw a severe thunderstorm sweep through the Texas neighborhood on the U.S. enclave that brought along strong winds and golf ball sized hail. In the same enclave, the Oklahoma neighborhood saw a tornado sweep that was rated as an EF-3, the highest rating so far this year. With both events, there were no serious injuries or deaths reported.

“We saw severe events in the District for the most part, but it was carefully monitored by our staff,” DWPS senior meteorologist Neige said, “Alerts were sent out and people heeded those warnings by taking shelter.”

As rainy weather continues, things are going to look better for much of the dream world soon. Spring is winding down and summer is around the corner. The DWPS expects rain chances to decrease as summer approaches.

“We’re nearing the end of the spring season in the dream world which means spring weather will decrease,” Neige explained, “With summer around the corner, rain across the rural dream world will begin to subside. We’ll start seeing things go back to normal just in time for the start of summer.”

As for summer, Neige says that no official forecast is out yet, but the weather service is already looking at preliminary data.

“I can’t speak for the DWPS on what the summer season outlook is, but we’re currently beginning to look at preliminary data that gives us an early idea of how summer may end up this year,” Neige told me, “Check back with the DWPS in about a week. We’ll have our seasonal outlook for summer by then.”

Spring weather will subside soon across the dream world. For the latest weather conditions in your area or any area of the dream world, visit the DWPS’ website or your local forecasting office for additional resources.


By: Porter


If you read our newspaper recently, you may have seen an article posted by a dream world resident asking for assistance finding a missing item. Well good news- it’s been found!

Local necromancer, Almoral, recently published an article in the newspaper asking for assistance in finding an item he had lost. I, along with fellow Tribune reporter Arial, joined along to help him find his missing item. Along the way, we were also joined by DFCU chief Vivienne who tagged along to observe our findings!

Our trip began at the Parlor dimension where Almoral had last seen his missing item. While none of the employees saw anyone take anything, our trip would take us into the dream world to look for clues. We decided we should meet up with one of Almoral’s friends who accompanied him on the day he lost his missing item to see if he had any suggestions or clues.

We ended up at the Cafe where we met up with a local Apartments resident, Epsilon. Epsilon told us that he recalled seeing one singular person stand out from the crowd at the Parlor at the time. This person stood out from the rest of the crowd because they appeared to be completely monochrome! We decided to head back to the Parlor to ask more about this mysterious person.

We got word that this person was named Charlie. Charlie was a regular customer to the Parlor who was there at the same time as Almoral was that day. While Almoral and friends left the Parlor, Charlie stayed behind to wait on his order. Our group decided to stay to see if Charlie would stop by and lucky for us, he did and had something with him!

Charlie had been holding with him the same item that Almoral had accidentally left behind in the Parlor this entire time! Charlie was unable to contact Almoral directly because he is unable to use cell phones. This means he isn’t able to call, text, or even e-mail Almoral with information on his missing item. Charlie had kept Almoral’s missing item with him this entire time in the event he would bump into the necromancer knowing he was out looking for his lost item.

“I’m just so glad that I got my little guy back!” Almoral exclaimed while holding up a black and green one eyed teddy bear, “I thought I lost him forever! But luckily Charlie found him and kept him safe this whole time! I’m so happy!”

DFCU chief Vivienne observed everything because Almoral had told her he could solve the case on his own- and he did!

“Ah, I am so happy that Almoral found his missing teddy bear,” chief Vivienne reported, “Any missing item should always be found and brought back to its owner. I am glad to see Almoral found it. We all did a good job!”

Thus a mystery was solved! This case had a good ending. As for Almoral’s teddy bear, he promises to keep a closer eye on it.

“I’m gonna have to keep a closer eye on this little guy, yep!” Almoral told me, “I won’t leave him out of my sight anymore. I can’t lose him again!”

The case of the ‘super awesome’ missing thing is solved and this case is now closed! Congratulations on Almoral for finding his missing teddy bear and huge thanks to Arial, chief Vivienne, Brie of the Parlor, Epsilon, and Charlie for helping us out!

Q/A: Ask Nate

Dear Nate, do you have any tips for traveling in the Backrooms?

By: Willi Gettlost

Hiya Willi! The Backrooms is a pretty big place to explore, but if you want some tips, I have a few!

My first tip to you is to make sure you trace your steps. It’s important to remember what corridor you traveled through when walking through the Backrooms. I’d recommend leaving behind some form of marker that is distinguishable to you. I’d heard people use all sort of markers behind such as candles, paint, arrows, even food crumbs! This is important in the event you get lost and need a way to get back where you came from.

Another tip is to have some sort of light with you. Whether it is a flashlight, a lantern, a torch, a lighter, a candle, or just something that emits light. While the first level of the Backrooms is typically lit, some areas are dark. If you manage to pass level one, keep in mind that some further levels might be dark. You’ll need a flashlight to see!

Along with some form of light, you will need basic survival items. I’d say something to drink, eat, and perhaps a small weapon. Keep in mind that while the Backrooms are generally safe to navigate, you may encounter a hostile resident. You’ll need to defend yourself in the event of that!

Lastly, I highly recommend traveling with a friend! It’s been said that you should never traverse the Backrooms on your own. The experience might be fun, but trust me, it’s very quiet and eerie there! Having a friend or two will keep it a bit on the lighter side, but it’s also to keep you all safe.

The Backrooms is open to anyone to explore, but remember, if you end up needing assistance there, it may be difficult for the DPF- or anyone really- to come and help. Even the Dimension Guided Tour Association doesn’t offer tours there! I guess you’re better off leaving your curiosity to the side. It’s a pretty big place with a lot of secrets, but let’s just leave it to the professionals.

Dear Nate, is it better to live in the District or in the rural dream world?

By: Idia L. Iving

Hi Idia! I’ve heard this question a lot from people who are looking to find a place to call home in the dream world. So what’s better: the District or the rural dream world? It all depends on you!

The place where you live in the dream world highly depends on what is best suited for you. Do you like crowds or do you like more quiet areas? Do you like bustling city life or tranquil rural life? Lights or darkness? You decide!

The District can be a bustling atmosphere where you can expect to see a lot of residents of all walks of life! The rural dream world on the other hand is where you can expect to see less residents and a more quiet atmosphere. The District definitely has a lot more areas to visit that can be close to where you live, but the rural dream world will require walking some distance to other areas you need to visit.

Honestly if you’re looking for a more ‘realistic’ real world environment, you can live in the District! Remember there are five habitable wards you can live in with a lot of enclaves to choose from! Each enclave feels a lot like its real world counterpart. A lot of humans who call the dream world their new home often reside in an enclave from where they originally lived in in the real world! Of course, you don’t have to and can always choose the rural dream world for a more peaceful and quiet way of life.

Remember that this is all your own decision based on your own preferences! There are places to live in the District as there are in the rural dream world. If you’re looking for a place to live, be sure to keep that in mind! I hope you find what you’re looking for!

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