Thursday, May 16, 2024

Edition 142


By: Roman

Seeing things black and white lately? You’re not alone.

The famed “Monochrome Gang” is back at it again this year and have repainted various rooms into a grey looking world! With approval of the DPF, the group of individuals have gone ahead and repainted various dimensions. The dimensions, normally vibrant with color, are now completely monochrome!

The leader of this group is a local dream demon named Charlie. While Charlie cannot speak, he certainly looks excited for being able to do this once more.

“Oh yeah, good old Charlie!” Brie, a chef at the Parlor dimension said, “He’s a regular customer here and he asked if he could turn the place black and white. It seemed like a fun idea and hey, it’s pretty cool!”

“He stopped by here too with his crew and we agreed to let him turn the Cafe monochrome,” Artisan, a barista at the Cafe said, “There’s just something about it that’s so interesting to witness! It gives off mystery vibes, you know?”

Just like last year, the group is bringing out the monochrome vibes to help bring something interesting to the gloomy weather out in the dream world.

“It’s been raining nonstop for weeks now so it seems like someone had to do something interesting,” Artisan said, “I don’t mind the Cafe looking like this at all. It’s a whole new world!”

When asked how long rooms will look grey, the Monochrome Gang said about two weeks.

“I think they’re going to have this last until the rainy weather comes to an end,” Artisan replied, “I think they said two weeks or so. Heck, I wouldn’t mind if it stayed this way for a month!”

Sporadic areas of the dream world will look monochrome in the meantime. Visitors are asked to wear their best detective fedora or cartoon suspenders if they wish to have fun with this new look!


By: Oswald


Various areas of the dream world have been impacted by severe weather this past week.

According to the Dimension Weather Prediction Service, severe thunderstorms have rolled through parts of the District and rural dream world in the last few days. Most of the most significant severe weather occurred in the District. The DWPS has so far recorded at least twenty-five observations of gusty winds, eighteen observations of medium to large hail, ten observations of flash flooding, and five reports of tornadoes. 

Weather alerts and sirens went off across the U.S. enclave where most of the severe weather occurred in the District. Weather alerts also went off in the Europe and Asia wards as well, but most of the severe impacts hit the America ward the most. Despite this, there have been no serious injuries or deaths reported from these storms.

“It’s quite the miracle that no one was seriously injured or killed!” ROTU Leader Finnegan stated, “Following the warnings from officials really saved lives. I’m glad nothing serious happened!”

Of the tornadoes that have been reported, the highest rating given was an EF-1. No significant damage has been reported for a tornado this year, but the DWPS warns the season is still ongoing.

“We may be in the final weeks of spring, but severe weather can persist through the end of the season and into the summertime,” senior meteorologist Neige said, “Always keep an eye out for the latest weather forecast and conditions in your area.”

The weather service expects severe weather to persist through the following week as well.

“Our forecast models still show severe weather potential this week and the following week as well,” Neige stated, “We still have a ‘medium’ risk of generalized severe weather across the dream world. Don’t let your guard down.”

For the latest weather conditions and forecasts in your area or any area of the dream world, please visit the DWPS’ website or your local forecasting office for additional resources.

Q/A: Ask Epsilon

Dear Epsilon, what’s this so-called “Big Six” I hear about?

By: Maine Guise

Hello Maine. You’ve probably heard about the “Big Six” before at some point. The term is used to refer to the six principal agencies within the DPF. As you know, the DPF is a giant organisation made up of various agencies, but the six biggest ones are the most relevant and important ones.

Appropriately nicknamed as the “Big Six,” they are the ones who meet with the DPF director each month to discuss important matters of the past month and set new goals for the following month, among other discussions. They consist of the following agencies: ROTU, DDCP, DIA, DPU, DFCA, and the IAA. 

You’ve likely heard of the ROTU- known as the Rescue Operations Team Unit led by Finn since 1989, the DDCP- known as the Dimension Disease Control and Protection led by Chief Demi since 1916, the DIA- known as the Detective Investigation Agency led by Chief Daiki since 1924. These three particular branches in the DPF have made headlines within the last six months or so for various reasons.

You may not have heard a lot about the DPU- known as the Dimension Patrol Unit led by Chief Matías since 1937. You may have, however, encountered one of the various patrol officers that are a part of this unit and patrol the dimensions of the dream world. The DFCA- known as the Dimension Forensic Crime Agency led by Chief Vivienne since 1973. This agency is in charge of handling crime scenes and forensic related matters. Lastly, there’s the IAA- known as the Intelligence Affairs Agency and led by Chief Kamaria since 1942. This agency is tasked with gathering and keeping very secret and important intelligence of certain matters across the dream world (think of them like undercover spies), though their work has recently also made its way online in this new digital age. I used to work in the IAA before I retired, if you didn’t know already.

You’ve likely heard about Finn before- he’s pretty cool, easy going, and laid back. I heard he’s called the most “chill” of the Big Six. Demi is smart and collected in her line of work, but she can be fun outside of work. Matías is an ambivert, a little awkward but not too terribly noticeable, but he is known to get stressed easily at work. Vivienne has a lot of energy and loves her job a lot; I guess she’s the most extroverted one in the group. Kamaria can be quiet, but she knows where her input is needed and often comes to the table with good ideas; she’s the most reliable of the group, so I’ve heard. Lastly, there’s Daiki; he’s the most serious and reclusive of the group. Daiki often reports to work with much to handle, but tries not to let it get a hold of him. After work though, he often stays to himself and doesn’t want to let work get a hold of him when he’s not clocked in. I don’t blame him though.

Everyone in the Big Six do constantly communicate with one another in their line of work, because remember that all branches within the DPF do have to work together to get information and pass down materials with one another when needed. Outside of work though, communication varies, but it’s always nice to see some of them hang out with each other outside of work. I guess it’s like seeing a teacher at the store in normal clothes doing normal things. You don’t really think they actually have lives outside of work unless you actually see them.

Would you ever want to meet one of the Big Six chiefs? They are definitely seen as important and even powerful to some, though their strengths and powers vary. Still, they’re pretty cool, don’t you think?

Dear Epsilon, what kind of information about the human world is restricted?

By: Hess Tory

Hello Hess. In the dream world, there is a lot of interest in the human world- Reality- among the citizens who live here. Believe it or not, a lot of information about the real world is free for people to look up. 

While books are the best and most “orthodox” way to get information about anything, the internet down in the dream world is what most people use nowadays to find stuff out. There is a special website dedicated to showcasing different things in the real world, ranging from different topics and subjects called “RealHistory”- history about the real world. 

Think of it like an online dictionary: you look up a specific topic or subject and a page for it comes up, detailing what it is, facts, pictures, charts, graphics, etc. The website is very useful to see what the real world is like, and why the dream world exists because of it. 

Despite many pages being open to the public, some of them are restricted. The Council restricts some information about the real world in an attempt to try and prohibit people from seeing very upsetting content. Let’s be real, there is a lot of evil in the real world, both now and then. Some pages about certain subjects and topics are locked to the general public so they do not stumble upon material that could be considered dark.

Is that to say that the Council is trying to portray the real world as a peaceful place just like the dream world? No, not at all. Everyone knows that there are bad things in the real world just like there are in the dream world. The Council just doesn’t want anyone here to view content that could make others upset or perhaps give people around here “ideas”...understand where I’m heading with this? Besides, any continuous attempts to view prohibited real world material may land you with a PIA violation from the DPF- or Peculiar Internet Activity- so don’t be too nosy. 

Otherwise, a lot of information about the real world and humans is made readily available online. There are also books as well, although sadly, it appears people don’t seem too interested in books nowadays… I guess humans and dream world creatures have the same feeling towards books, but I still love them. Perhaps we’ll switch to books again someday.

Upcoming Events:

Now- Noir Party 2024: Detective movie or silent film? Old cartoon? Whatever you envision, rooms are monochrome and up to your imagination! Where did I put my detective fedora…

Now- The Case of the Missing Super Awesome Thing: Help Almoral get to the bottom of this mystery as he recruits help from friends. Join along and see if he has what it takes to solve the case!

May 30- Beach dimension returns: Summer is arriving to the dream world! The Beach will be back for the next three months or so as summer gets in full swing. Hop in, the water's fine!

May 30- Rainbow Torch back on sale: Just in time for Pride Month, the Rainbow Torch will be back on sale! You'll be able to get it for 28 Robux!

NOIR PARTY 2024: The Cafe's looking pretty monochrome during the event!