Thursday, May 2, 2024

Edition 140


By: Oswald

As rain showers continue, the weather service is now monitoring for potentially severe weather this month. 

According to the DWPS, recent forecast models have indicated the probability for severe thunderstorms soon. In general, the dream world has been observing light to moderate rain with rumbles of thunder. However, things could soon pick up.

"We're picking up signs in the data that suggest the weather may begin to deteriorate in the coming weeks," Neige, senior meteorologist at the DWPS said, "It's likely that skies will darken a bit more as the rain and wind pick up."

Severe thunderstorms are accompanied by heavy rain, gusty winds, frequent lightning and hail, according to the DWPS. In extreme scenarios, storms can become tornadic, and produce a tornado or two. This is rare, but the DWPS is monitoring for anything drastic in their forecast models.

“Springtime thunderstorms are known to be pretty significant,” Neige explained, “Most of our advisories issued throughout the year occur in the spring. Most of these are issued within the District, but can extend to the rural dream world too.”

Looking at the data of the DWPS from last year, there were 213 advisories issued for severe thunderstorms, 95 advisories issued for flash flooding, and 24 advisories issued for tornadoes. So far in 2024, there haven’t been any advisories issued for severe thunderstorms or tornadoes, but this is likely to change soon.

“This is the point in time where we really have to ‘lock in’ and monitor for storms to go severe,” Neige said, “With this in mind, it’s important to have ways to receive warnings from the DWPS if things deteriorate. Whether it’s by cellphone, television, radio, or some other way, make sure you are able to receive emergency notifications for the weather.”

For the latest up-to-date weather forecasts in your area or any area in the dream world, please visit the DWPS’ website or your local forecasting office for additional resources.


By: Arial


Another fashion show has wrapped up and fashionistas are calling it a success!

This fashion show, which was once again hosted in the Cafe’s book room, ran for one week. In that week, many participants showed up to show off their best looks. The themes ranged from circus to vintage to even the future!

“It’s been such a lovely experience to witness everyone get to show us their bold fashion statements,” Rouge, the main organizer of the event said, “I saw lots of wonderful outfits! I’m sure the participants had a lot of fun!”

Rouge says that his favorite theme of the week was animation.

“The animation theme really brought out a lot of people!” Rouge explained, “I’ve never seen so many people show up for a particular theme. It was nice to see fictional animated characters of all kinds! I think we broke a record for attendance that day now that I think about it…”

While the fashion show was a huge success, it had to be wrapped up after a week. The cafe’s book room was quickly transformed back into its regular look.

“It is sad to pack everything up so soon, but that’s the longest we had for our permit,” Rouge said, “That’s not to say we didn’t enjoy every second of it! I always have fun organizing these events. Fashion is a way to express yourself and letting people express themselves through fashion was incredible!”

When asked about the possibility of another fashion show, Rouge just winked and gave a simple response.

“The success of this fashion show determined the fate of any future shows,” they told me, “We’ll leave it at that. Thanks to everyone who participated!”

The Cafe’s book room has been returned to its normal look. Visitors to the Cafe can now expect less crowds and wait times while the upstairs book room is quiet once again. 

Q/A: Ask Nate

Dear Nate, what was the dream world like in the ancient past?

By: Orri Gen

Hiya Orri! Looks like today we’ll be going on a little history lesson of the dream world! Most of the information I’m going to give you is information that Lucid has taught me about it!

The origins of the dream world date back several thousands of years- when humans began to form their first collective memories! When the dream world appeared, it brought along manifestations of different places, dreams, and of course, people too. However, because everything was so new, there was a big messy conflict over this new world and who would control what. 

This conflict, dubbed as the “Origin Conflict,” lasted for several hundred years. Eventually, a brave group of people decided to get together and made plans for how to run things! These people are credited for finally bringing peace to the dream world. Since then, we have been living in the “post-conflict era” which has seen overall stable and general peace in the dream world.

From the sound of it, I’m glad I wasn’t around then to witness any of that! Lucid was also not around to see any of that, but he tells me stories from that time that have been passed down through his family. He has also read lots of books regarding this topic so of course he knows! He’s just glad he wasn’t around back then either!

The dream world in the present day is overall stable and at peace. Well, at least for the most part. Morpheus knows there’s still someone out there trying to disrupt that peace. Ugh!

Dear Nate, what are the numbers to call in case of an emergency?

By: Plezhel P.

Hi Plezhel! Sometimes you may find yourself in an emergency that requires immediate attention. Lucky for you, there are numbers you can call in such an event! These numbers take you directly to an operator that can properly assist and dispatch assistance!

The most common number to dial is *1. This number is used to report overall crime to the DPF. If you ever witness, experience, or have a tip regarding a crime that was committed, you should dial this number! An operator will ask you for your name, location, details of the incident, as well as any other relevant information that’s applicable. The operator sends this report over to the DPU so they can dispatch patrol officers ASAP!

The second number you can dial is *2. This number is used to report an ongoing fire emergency. If you ever witness or experience a fire that is life-threatening, dial this number! The operator will ask you for your location, details of the incident, and other relevant information. The operator will then send this report quickly over to the ROTU so they can dispatch members of the Fire Unit ASAP!

The last number you can dial is *3. This number is used to ask for assistance from medical services. If you witness or are experiencing a medical emergency, you need to dial this number! The operator will ask for your location, name, details of the incident, and other relevant information. They will send this report over to the ROTU so they can dispatch members of the Medical Unit ASAP so they can quickly assist!

These are pretty easy numbers to remember! If you make a mistake and dial the wrong one, the operator can easily transfer your call over to the appropriate line. When calling any of these numbers, it’s important to remain calm! Be sure to be as descriptive as you can as well so the operator can provide this information in the report being filed. I hope all of this information comes in handy for you someday!

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