Thursday, April 25, 2024

Edition 139


By: Roman

The dream world is looking dreary and grey this week as widespread rain showers hit multiple areas.

For the past two weeks or so, the weather service has been hinting at the possibility of rainy weather coming to the dream world. Spring had started off to a slow start, but the tides have shifted. Multiple dimensions are now experiencing rain showers with distant rumbles of thunder.

The Dimension Weather Prediction Service is actively monitoring the dimensions observing rain for the potential of severe weather. Severe thunderstorms are common in the spring season and are categorized as thunderstorms that “produce small to large hail, frequent lightning, and winds in excess of 90 kph,” according to the DWPS.

“Severe thunderstorms can seem like they hit out of nowhere!” DWPS senior meteorologist Cirrus explains, “When one hits, things can get pretty dramatic. Sheets of rain, wind, hail, and lots of lightning! This is when you should really be indoors taking shelter!”

Cirrus says that despite the warnings from officials, people still get injured annually from lightning strikes and other severe thunderstorm related conditions.

“We heed time and time again to take storms seriously,” she says,  “There still ends up being people who get hurt by not paying attention to warnings from officials. Don’t be that person!”

While severe weather is possible, the DWPS hasn’t picked up on anything dramatic in the short term.

“We’re constantly monitoring conditions in the dream world, but so far, nothing dramatic,” Cirrus told me, “That being said, don’t let your guard down. Always make sure to have ways to receive all kinds of alerts- including weather related ones!”

Cirrus says that the rainy weather in the dream world will likely persist through the rest of the spring season.

“Whether you love rain or not, it’s gonna stick around a while!” she says, “We expect these showers to persist until late May. Better take an umbrella and raincoat with you this next month or so- you’ll need it!” 

For the latest weather conditions, visit the DWPS’ website for weather conditions in your area or any area of the dream world. You can also visit your local forecasting office for additional resources


By: Arial


The Cafe's book room is seeing some very fashionable looks as of late. That's because the third ever fashion show event in the Cafe is here!

The book room in the Cafe has been once again transformed into a fashion runway. This is the third fashion show event to take place in this location after it happened twice last year. This year, there are new themes being incorporated into the event.

"We have new themes for people to dress up to!" Rouge, the fashion show coordinator, told me, "I think there's a theme for everyone. You just have to be creative with yourself!" 

Earlier this week, the organizers of the event released the themes for each day of the event. They are as follows:

Rouge says that a majority of this year's themes are new, but did they incorporate previous themes from the last two events. They expect that they should see a considerable amount of people participate in this year's event.

"The first fashion show event was a success, but the second one was even more successful!" Rouge explains, "As word spreads of our event, more and more people come check it out. Whether they participate or sit in the audience to check out everyone's outfits, it's going to be a grand event! I have no doubts this one will be bigger than the last one!"

As the fashion show begins today, it will only last one week, just as the previous two events.

"This is only going on for one week!" Rouge adds on, "Granted, if we had enough to extend our permit, we would have this be a two week event with more themes! I still think one week is enough anyway! I can't wait to see everyone's outfits!"

The fashion show event will be running for seven days, from now until May 2. It is located in the upstairs book room of the Cafe dimension. Participants are asked to bring their own clothes in the event they do not find anything suitable in the fitting area.

Q/A: Ask Nate

Dear Nate, how important is recycling in the dream world?

By: Reed Ouce

Hiya Reed! Recycling is very important down in the dream world! In fact, it's pretty much mandatory!

Whenever we have items that are considered recyclable, it's important that we end up recycling them! These items can be broken down and converted into new things all over again! We don't want things to go to waste if they can be used again!

The Dimension Disposable Waste Department, or the DDWD, is in charge of handling trash services in the dream world- including recycling. You will often see their workers cleaning up trash bins around the dream world. Trash that can't be recycled is safely disposed of in a manner that doesn't affect the environment. Oftentimes, it vanishes with a quick snap. Where does this trash go? We're not really sure, but some say it goes to the Void. At least it's not the dream world!

For recycling, these are taken to a special processing plant where they are put on a massive line that separates materials. These materials then get distributed until there's enough of each to later be broken down and made into new things. The DDWD does this in a safe manner obviously, but these machines are quite big and dangerous! As long as things are getting recycled into something new, they're alright!

Of course, we all need to do our parts to make sure we're recycling. Items that can be recycled have a label on them that indicates it is recyclable. If so, you need to put it in a special recycling bin for disposal. It's amazing how a plastic bag can be transform into a water bottle. The power of recycling! We're really grateful to be weary of the environment and keep it safe!

Dear Nate, is the dream world getting warmer?

By: Clyde Michang

Hi Clyde! This is a question that's still being studied, particularly by the Dimension Weather Prediction Service. I'll explain as best as I can!

As we may know, the real world is getting warmer- this is simply a fact. There have been studies that have leaked into our world about the ongoing warming trend of the real world. When these were published to the public in the dream world, there was immediate worry in our world about how things could progress.

The DWPS has studied this particular scenario since the late 1990s. While it's been decades of research, the weather agency hasn't necessarily found anything in any climate data that suggests the dream world is getting warmer. In fact, things look pretty normal so far. That's not to say the climate hasn't changed over time. Many thousands of years ago, the dream world was quite cold! So you can argue that it's gotten warmer since that period in time, but the future is still unknown.

According to the DWPS, any significant warming of the dream world may not be felt for another hundred years or so. It's safe to say that dream world climate does change over time depending on how humans live in the real world. But any changes do take a while to occur because of time-space lag, at least that's what Lucid told me once. 

Regardless, it's still too early to know what a warming real world will have on the dream world in the short term. I sure hope that humans find a solution to slow it down up there so we don't feel it down here! Or maybe we'll find a solution when it gets to that point here? I sure hope so!

Upcoming Events:

Now- Rainy Days: It's days like these where you just want to sit by the window and watch the rain come down. Crank up that lo-fi and just sit back and relax…

Now- Fashion Show event: Another fashion show has come! Dress up to the themes each day and show everyone the icon that you are! We won't go out of style!

Now- Mall dimension expanded: The first floor of the Mall dimension has been added! An area to purchase torches, a fanart exhibit, an upcoming workshop, and a seemingly familiar store… Check it out!

May 2- Thunder Torch goes back on sale: As the rain continues, this torch will return and it's bound to be an electrifying item to add to your inventory. Pun intended, yes.

May 9- Birthday Party: Our favorite English cat is turning another year older soon. It's time to throw him a birthday party