The Case of the Missing Super Awesome Thing!

When: May 16 through May 30

Main Characters: Almoral, Vivienne, Porter, Arial, Epsilon, Sylveran

Size: Small event

Type: Filler

Description: "The Case of the Missing Super Awesome Thing!" was an event in the game. Attention everyone! Almoral had lost a "super awesome" and "very important" thing of his! He was asking for anyone to come help him out in retrieving his missing valuable. Fellow Tribune reporters, Arial and Porter joined him in his search! Along the way, DFCU chief Vivienne also joined in to observe from behind as Almoral had bet her that he could solve this mystery without her help. As they talked to other people around the dream world, it was soon revealed that Charlie- an old cartoony dream demon- had been keeping Almoral's valuable with him for safekeeping after the necromancer left it behind at the Parlor on accident! Since Charlie cannot use technology, he was unable to get in touch with Almoral, but luckily met up with him on pure coincidence at the Parlor. The missing valuable? A green, one eyed teddy bear! The mystery was solved and this case was closed!